Herbert Hoover, the riddle of

“Political Assassination” or “Actual Assassination” in the offing, say anti-Israeli conspiracy nuts  Just so you know where a part of world opinion lie.

1993 Letterman Censored Bill Hicks routine to be aired on CBS tonight.  An interesting footnote in the Harvey Pekar “Step out of the Nest” comic book.

Protesters eventually breached the garden of the House of Parliament Tuesday afternoon and began throwing snowballs, eggs, and skyr (an Icelandic dairy product) at police officers. The police responded to the dairy product fusillade with pepper spray and clubs.

New statue honoring the Shoe Thrower in Saddam’s Hometown

The Fear that Obama, and America, will Succeed

Michael Savage does not consider the Bilderburg Important ; early comment to this Alex Jones Exclusive points out that Savage is a Jew, which about sums up where Alex Jones type conspiratorial leads you to.

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