New Canadian LYM Recruitment Techniques unveiled

I am mildly uncomfortably leaving my last post before the Thanksgiving Day weekend on this blog in the category of esoterica into the “Lyndon Larouche Challenge”, but those Larouchies have left me no choice.  Tell me if this isn’t just a little … disarming…

So, I see that there’s this blogspot.  “Larouche Club”.  It appears to be an attempted building block for a Canada “movement”.  Take it for what it is.  But run down the list in the archives.  A warning for anyone who pops in to talk to a card table shriner in Ottawa:
Prospective members will be listed soon. Those who turn it down will also be listed– with the reasons for the turndown.

How will this list read?  “Name:  John Doe, 879 6th Avenue.  Reason stated:  “You’re f’ing Nuts.  Real reason:  Psychological breaking at Tavistock Institute inflicted by the Cheney — Brzezinski Cabal.  Also addicted to his Mother’s Milk.”

I guess is an interesting means of recruitment, though it strikes me as either approaching a vague status of quasi-criminality in and of itself or an item of circumstantial evidence to toss into a profile for the Jeremiah Duggan Inquest.  (Incidentally, I had forgotten about Alan Osler’s blog post on the topic until I looked over some things yesterday, so incidentally the last two Alan Osler comments found here have some hilarious lines.  “Even though he prints pictures of the Queen of England to make his point.”  Hilarious.)  The Ottawa comments also serve as an answer to the question posed here for the Burlington club:
Where can we find new members? What should be member be?
And I’m not entirely sure what this means, but sure… advertise away.  Another interesting spot for potential recruits, a favorite spot of the leader of the “Larouchian Cryonics Movement” and this random commenter, “Real Jew News“… maybe they read it in Canada?

And now I invite anyone and everyone to take the “Leatherstocking Challenge” (as from the wikipedia discussions here ) — Leatherstocking being an… um… impartial observer… interested in maintaining balance… not a Larouche advocate, you understand… right?:

Here is how I would handle the problem of keeping fringe viewpoints out of the intro to this article (the word “fascist” in the introduction): take a sampling of how “newspapers of record” like the New York Times have described LaRouche over the past decade or so, and use that as a guide for how the intro should be written. (By the way, there was a big push by the anti-LaRouche team to say that LaRouche was not an economist, and I found this: [2].)

What world does he live in? How, exactly, does he think a “sampling of Larouche descriptions” from “newspapers of record” “over the past decade or so” reads? I gave it a whirl, with a few newspapers (New York Times, Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, Associated Press news service) and heading backward from 2008, I got as far as 2003 before deciding I had had enough.  I didn’t get too many straight up “fascists”, but I didn’t get “economist” either.  Both, I’m sure, if you were looking for them would turn up.  “Fringe” sort of dominated. Connected to “Perenial presidential candidate”. I did find one particularly artful phrase which I’ll mention if pressed.  I’ll keep the listing to myself — I wish to inflict the suffering of enduring fifteen minutes of this to anyone who has such an interest in surveying this landscape of throw-away lines. 

Mental note:  go back and review Larouche’s history of playing around with suppositions on presidential assassinations.  It’s a trope, rehashed, noise emitted signifying nothing.

 (edited.  I opted for a weasel phrase in there.)

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  1. Justin Says:

    Worth noting… I didn’t go to the link but this caught my eye…

    Mumbai comes during the last days of the Bush Administration, Lyndon LaRouche said today, in which we are expecting the very worst to strike globally. And the British are also in heat right now. Therefore, you are looking for the very

    Somehow I imagine behind the scenes Larouche is a speech along the lines of:

    Also guess what was originally posted here:

    Maybe Lyndon LaRouche isn’t so crazy after all25 Nov 2008 by Karole Noymann
    OK maybe my title is a bit misleading since this diary is about Mrs. Helga Zepp-LaRouche, for over thirty years the wife of Lyndon LaRouche, who has worked closely with her husband and reflects his own views and philosophy.

  2. Justin Says:

    Under the title “Today`s Brutish Imperialism,“ LaRouche directly attacks the major conceptual stumbling blocks to effective action against today`s breakdown of civilization.

    Writing in the Oct. 31 edition of Executive Intelligence Review, leading U.S. statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche issued a major report, one which, he wrote, “may come to be considered by some among the world’s leading circles of today, as the most important political document you have read, or might have read, during your lifetime to date.”

    Yes, yes, I know. The line I’m always going to go with here is “News Alert: The Larouche Organization is Crazy! Next month, The Washington Monthly BLOWS The Lid Off the Prohibition Party!!!”
    Conspiracy theories abound throughout the Internet, as occurs when anything of this magnitude occurs – and one of the most astounding theories I’ve come across is that Great Britain was actually behind the attacks as published on Alex Jone’s site: […]

    This is an article that all should read, and when I first read it, my first thought was “WTF???” Then, I took the time to read-up on Lyndon LaRouche’s track-record for being correct – and if you read it yourself – it’s mind-numbing how often Mr. LaRouche has been correct in his predictions and analysis of several issues that have actually been absolutely correct, and this time, I hope that he’s dead-wrong!

    Actually I think his track-record goes more along the lines of blaming the British for everything.

  3. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Lyn has no track record worth thinking about. It’s mind-numbing how often he’s been wrong, and how blithely he and his little friends skip along ignoring the failure of all his prognostications.

    Most recently, everything LaRouche said about the 2008 election, from the first day of primary season to Election Day and beyond, was codswallop.

    I have known LaRouche and his tiny group for 37 years, and I have yet to see him make much sense on anything–least of all the economy. Analysis of his most recent declarations and writings, reveals him to know LESS THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT HE DID about the economy and the financial system. And the U.S. Constitution.

  4. Justin Says:

    For the record, the ‘laroucheclub’ site strikes me as a bit of a weird auto-generated sploggy-thing, but again there: from what materials is that generated?

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