The situation in Iceland

I have been meaning to read up on the currency crisis and complete freeze of Iceland, which I suppose in a paranoid reading of events – and what with a looming $1 Trillion deficit as a necessary evil — a harbinger of things to come.  The oh so subtle alarmist Matt Drudge decided to pair that article with this red- bullet headline — which elicits the big “meh” for me.  The one item on the Icelandic situation I have tucked away is a little too broad for its own good — starting with an exploration of the golden age of Iceland in the age of the Vikings — which, strictly speaking, isn’t particularly useful in understanding immediate concerns.

I half want to be a teenage pageant contestant — Miss Teen South Carolina — and be handed a question about how to deal with the Icelandic currency freeze.  I want to give an answer, “My solution to the problem is to freeze Iceland and thaw Greenland — that way Iceland will be icy and Greenland will be green, which will settle confusion amongst prospective tourists and boost the Tourist Industry for both nations.”  Well, global warming has gotten us half way there for Greenland.

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