The 90th Anniversary of Gasoline Alley.  Well, Fantagraphics “Walt and Skeezix” books are worthwhile, at least.

3rd Parties: not covered in the media much.

Obama and Kitsch

Michael Jackson converts to Islam, is now “Mikaeel”.

Goodbye to Alan Colmes.  New blank to be filled in for show which was originally called “Hannity and Blank”.

Tom Gish, RIP.   the weekly publication with the slogan, “It Screams!” […] had their newspaper offices firebombed in 1974. The Gishes churned out another issue a week after the episode, with the masthead stating, “It Still Screams!”

Probably not a pleasant experience to face off against people with the mission to “Physically Liquidate” you, this leader of Guinea – Bissau. 

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