Sooo… Where are they?

You can expect to see the LaRouchies out “in force” at Denver. Unfortunately (for them, not us), their “force” isn’t too impressive. And I imagine their singing hasn’t gotten any better either. Guffaw.

The question:  Where are they?  I cannot find the evidence admist the, quote-in-quote, “Citizen Journalism” which is the realm of Blogs.  This is contrast to 2004, where — off in the margins but since I key on this I could reframe the margins into a sort of central focus– I learned that they were there in Boston, singing choral slightly bemusing various people as they walked in and out of the convention center, and where I learned that they made odd hard to follow accusations at a press conference with Terry McAuliffe (sp?) about a grand conspiracy to keep them out of Youth Hostels.  This leaves aside their version of events, which was quite grand indeed.

It seems now that that was about where their mild success, such as that was, of the Bush Era reached its crescendo.  Now I can’t find anything.  Are they there?  If so, is anyone noticing them?  Have the small band of “PUMA” protesters managed to shake them away from globbing onto their cause?  The organization skeletal is becoming further emaciated.  This particular “fringe watch” is becoming harder and harder to grasp at.

I am tempted to suggest they don’t have as much an ostensible reason for being there as they did in the past, when — um — Larouche was a Democratic Presidential Candidate on the ballot and was feigning his cause of winning a nomination.  Or, as suggested last time, being Kerry’s “Secret Weapon” of a running mate… which, I admit, would have shocked the political establishment — to the point where the Democratic Party would have taken the unprecedented step of checking Kerry into an insane asylum and of finding another nominee to run post haste.  But they do have an obstensible cause to be there, as suggested in their “1932” video, the cause of connecting with the Clintons against the Soros-operated Obama clique.  A bust in the real world, yes, but that never stopped them in the past.  No, they are just a dissipated outfit compared to even 2004.

An eye toward his immortality, he has issued a statement that spiritually sets up Hegla.  (Linked to the factnet linking because I tend to avoid linking to “L-PAC” itself.)  Obstensibly a celebration of her sixty years, it actually mostly meanders around George Soros, Abraham Lincoln, and those neo-Malthusian Greens — the latter I’ve grasped is Hegla’s Pet Enemy Phraseology.  The Torch has been passed, The Dream Can Never Die, and… two becomes one… in the eye of the two dozen people left in the LYM:

“For that reason, my beloved Helga is, in fact, almost as precious to you, as she is to me.

So, unable to find Larouche in Denver, I turn over to Webster Tarpley — who probably is better suited to be referenced in saying that the “Torch Has Been Passed to a new Generation of Wack Job Opportunistic Conspiratorial Demagouges,” albeit one with a different aim (not obsessed with the idea of a small collection of people chanting his name).   Webster Tarpley is interviewed on the Alex Jones show, no doubt in anticipation of next week when Alex Jones will be interviewed on the Webster Tarpley Show.  One final lunge into the realm of the dissipating and transitory “PUMA” movement before slightly adjusting his message for the duration of either the Obama Presidential Campaign or the Obama Presidency, depending on how things turn out, hoping his Obama Nation book will be regarded years from now by elements in our political spectrum in the same way his Larouche-era George Herbert Walker Bush is (complete with prominet blurb from Kevin Phillips).  It’s a racket, good work if you can get it.

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  1. Rachel Holmes Says:

    It may be that they got submerged in the general waves of oceanic feeling in Denver. Or maybe organizers were sent to Denver, but wisely dropped out when they got there.

    Or maybe Jeff and Barbara figured out that they simply don’t have the “forces” or the “force,” and that it would cost way way more to send a bunch of raggedy LYMers to Denver than they could possibly make wandering around singing, passing out frayed-looking leaflets or printed transcripts of Lyn’s idiotic webcasts.

    Is it possible that Self-Awareness has struck Sycolin Rd? Or Purcellville? Or the Basement? Naaah

  2. Justin Says:

    From over there:

    “The nomination of Senator Barack Obama, as combined with the prospect of the nomination of Senator John McCain, has settled almost nothing other than the fact of those nominations themselves. The world as a whole is presently gripped by a growing potential for a genuine thermonuclear-weapons crisis like never before, at the same time that the greatest financial-economic crisis since Europe’s Fourteenth Century has the entire world presently in its grip–whether some governments and leading political figures wish to recognize that reality, or not.

    “Therefore, our LPAC campaign has far greater importance for the weeks immediately ahead, than at any time prior to this point. We shall therefore mobilize accordingly.”

    So there you go. Sure to show up at another Los Angeles city council “open questions time”, I suppose. This, incidentally, was “for dissemination to all LaRouche PAC members and supporters, as well as the general public.”

    Bashing Michael Bloomberg, who…?

  3. Justin Says:

    Hm. Another statement, which, after posting his “post convention” statement, promises more videos on their website. Playing the role of Forrest Gump by sticking Larouche into historic events. Joy. But most amusing is this line:

    The danger of a Republican victory in November was, in fact, highlighted the same day of the LaRouche and PUMA post-Denver statements, when [Sarah Palin pick.]

    They appear to be taking seriously my mocking statement that Larouche is the leader of the “PUMA Movement”.

    In the meantime, where is that Michael Bloomberg and why is he not on either end of either of the two presidential tickets?

  4. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Forget the PUMAs. Now that neither convention has panned out the way Lyn wanted it–no Bloomberg candidacy, no Hillary candidacy, no kidnapping of Obama by British agents, no mysterious McCain illness–anyhow, now that Lyn’s past year of blather on the Presidential campaign has evaporated like morning dew, all the org is talking about is … RUSSIA.

    And how Putin saved civilization by invading Georgia.

    These people are loony-tunes. Meanwhile, Lyn’s telling his inner elites that it’s only because of him that Hillary stayed in the race.

    Honestly, the last month’s worth of briefings is hilarious and tragic, violent and hair-raising, and at the same time, kind of “who cares?” Sort of like Jacobean plays.

  5. Justin Says:

    Yeah, that thread is and always was a dead end (actually so was that media storyline I guess he was following, sort of tepidly) as was that particular statement — the one to mention Sarah Palin. This election seems to be a dead end for him in terms of advocating anything.

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