Supermarket Tabloids make more sense than Bill O’Reilly

There isn’t too much to gripe about television convention coverage which does not come across a cliche, nor is there too much to gripe about the conventions that is not a cliche.  It’s also a cliche to gripe about Fox News.  But Bill O’Reilly festered up a special something, I noted flicking past.  Mr. O’Reilly intros showing a story covered where he… um… has his cameras running up to celebrities at the DNC Convention and… um… he’ll have the list of the good celebrities, who agreed to some time with O’Reilly, and the bad celebrities, who shoved away from these camera-critters.

It is worth pointing out that Bill O’Reilly came out of Inside Edition.  That’s what came to mind watching this game of “Celebrity Hunt”.  That doesn’t quite explain the presumptuousness in thinking they should pay O’Reilly the time of day, and at least the Tabloid newspapers have an understanding they are bumping in and out of the celebrities’ private spaces and aren’t entitled to Cooperation by dent of being … Bill O’Reilly?

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