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I have, over this Holiday weekend, received what amounts to a request to plug  I have linked to it already, though I do not think I ever got around to posting it in the sidebar — aside from the “Internal Memo Generator”.  But there it is again.  Your best online bet for background Larouche-related material.

Absurd, Absurd.  It’s most absurd.  But Here I am, the Dingle Bird!

Okay.  What is absurd is the comment thread involving Robert Beltran.  A “Miss Anthropy” wanders in dangling supposed inside information, promising that Beltran’s involvement with Larouche is done and gone.  He insists that we (or whoever it is that is supposed to be doing this) need to “Dig deeper”, and so there is this bit of masturbatory stupidity:  You’re both wrong but if you can’t see the forest for the trees I can’t help you. All I can tell you is to dig deeper, if you really want the answers. It’s up to you to pick up the shovel. Sayonara.   Which gave me my only contribution to this — the sarcastic naming of  “Miss Anthropy” as “Deep Throat”.

At any rate, Robert Beltran has appeared in the L-PAC headlines, defending the greatness of William Shakespeare, because — as we all know — the world of Academia insists of calling him an over-rated Hack playwright.  Which leaves me with the question of what the hell anyone is suppoed to make of “Deep Throat” — Nixon sends G Gordon Liddy, cloaked in darkness at all times, to Woodward and Bernstein — and makes another third-rate performance of his task.

What was the point of that exercise?  God only knows.  The freaks over in Loudon never cease to amaze me.

A bit obscured, but of relevance, and just now with one thread reposted to FACTNet, several points of discussion with Steve on relatively esoteric matters that signal larger matters of importance.  As a practical matter, I’ve generally avoided interjecting with anything — both the ex-Larouchite Rachel Holmes and the concerned family member of a long time Larouchite — have better insight into what the hell it is the drawing value for a Larouchite.  But the term “Intellectual Cargo Cult” has been coined by someone at FACTNet, and it is what “Earnest One”‘s explanation of Larouche’s intellectual dishonesty regarding Lincoln is all about.  One of the sins of Larouche is that he has provided for college aged youth a short-cut for their thirst for knowledge that stunts their understanding to the very definition of sophomoric — a half knowledge whose gaps are filled, in this case to suit Larouche’s insistence that he falls in the lineage of just about everyone that is valuable to fall in the lineage for.

Speaking of the “Intellectual Cargo Cult”, a recent morning briefing… what the hell Larouche, Inc thinks it’s trying to pull with their website material.  (I should edit out eaglebreak’s comments, but I’m too lazy to right now.)  The game continues…



Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stay Tuned for “Extreme Events!”

The vibrant and brilliant campaign of our Danish cothinkers, which has electrified (virtually levitated) that tiny but very important country [Duck! Here comes Denmark!], went into a new phase after the conclusion of yesterday’s elections. [They lost.] Our great Danes [Stop–you’re killing me] sent Lyn the message that they had had a lot of fun, and that, whatever the vote with which they will be credited [They didn’t get any votes] they are far better known, and more widely known, than they ever were before. This signal success [what success?] for our method [what method?], should serve to remind us in the US of all that we have lost since March [he means April 11]. It was about then that the LPAC mass organizing campaign, through which the “new politics” triumphed in the 2006 elections, was wound down and terminated. [We destroyed our printer; we ran out of literature; we freaked out the Boomer members.] Perhaps some Boomers thought we should be doing “infrastructure” instead. [Must mean paying the printer.]

Now we must regain the ground we have lost, and move forward from there. [Uh, Tony, maybe if you hadn’t written that April 11 briefing lead, you’d still have a printer. Speaking of which—I see they have you writing briefings again. Who are they trying to kill this time?]

An indispensable part of that mass campaign now, is the defeat and discreditation of the Internet brainwashing of MySpace, Facebook and video games. [We just found out the Internet is lethal to us.] In that connection, Lyn is working to complete a paper on “Extreme Events.” The first pages of his draft invite a comparison of that sequence of monstrosities from Michael Milken, through last week’s Myspace murders in Perugia– that sequence, to those “portents” of disaster which featured in the final scenes of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” and other tragedies,– the dead rise from their graves, strange shrieks rend the night, and so forth. [Not so fast, Einstein. Back to the Cliff Notes for you].

Along those lines, a new feature is in advanced preparation for the LPAC website, which will raise howls of terror among those who merely more-or-less politely objected to the relatively very tame, “What is in Nancy Pelosi’s Head?” [Translation: They took down Nancy Pelosi’s head. Some of the yutes didn’t like it.] Stay tuned! When will it appear? Maybe at the midnight hour, some few days ahead! [Maybe Caesar’s ghost walks abroad and turns his sword in Tony’s very entrails. Anyhow, it’s on the LPAC site now.]


And yes, I too noticed the “myspace induced suicide” item… and had that thought “What a coincidence!”  (See also Larouchite complaint in the discussion page on the Ken Kronberg wikipedia page of Dennis King’s “crazy conspiracy theory”.)

4 Responses to “Comments … Comments… Comments…”

  1. Rachel Holmes Says:

    On the induced suicide business, Eaglebeak has a number of posts today on FactNet–including an interesting one on justice/revenge and LaRouche’s current strange (for him) take on it….

  2. Earnest One Says:

    Induced intelligence would be far more productive (and interesting).

    The current themes (almost everywhere) mirror the world’s morose state. Speaking for massess, we need light, insight, and delight.

    BTW: Our boy Steve seems to have “vanished”. I was expecting more of a fight/fright. Perhaps he can’t formulate the right metaphor (quite yet), but will return with a 10,000 word flourish (what good is a LaRouche-based metaphor if you can “physically” read it?!!

    I’m all for Truth, Justice, and the American Way (the real deal stuff).

    Has Lyn ever written about this topic (and kept on topic)?

    I thought he was super-human… I vote for the old stuff — talkies, but black and white (albeit with sufficient grayscale). They had that productive feel to them, easily verified by our many fine senses.

  3. Justin Says:

    For what it is worth, Steve has posted a few posts at “Comments”.

  4. Earnest One Says:


    Thanks. I responded but only by assuming a delaying, holding mode. I promised a short response by Wednesday evening plus or minus a day/night.

    Question (“for what it is worth:): Did YOU bother to read the “13” paragraphs from Lyn, detailing his fundamental discovery and/or some discovery and/or observation and/or fleeting thought of streaming semi-consciousness?

    If so, did YOU understand it?

    If not, then there are “at least” two responses:

    1. You didn’t understand it and, THEREFORE, you were impressed, thinking that the writer really knew his stuff, but that it was “above” your current level.
    2. You didn’t understand it and, THEREFORE, you were altogether unimpressed with the writer, thinking that it was mostly (or wholly) bullshit and/or nonsense/ and or completely confused writing/thinking.

    Response #1 is the short version of what I call the “LaRouche Effect”. Here, the MERE fact that it is NOT understandable causes some people to have INCREASED confidence in the person writing the essay (or giving the speech). The thought (if any) is: If I could not understand it, then the writer must really be brilliant, must really know what he/she is talking about.

    In my experience, at least 10% of the American adult population fall into category one. Note that LaRouche may not be their cup of tea, but they are susceptible to the effect.

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