Alice’s Restaurant was a movie?

Alice’s Restaurant.

Several months back, this movie passed by my sight — aired on — like — AMC 3 or something like that.  Some things about it bugged me.

It is an adaptation of the song, the Vietnam era protest song turned Thanksgiving – themed song … aired on classic rock radio at noon.  And that’s what bugs me.  It plods on.  With that theme.  Plods on.  Following the story of the song.  With precision — the narration is the song, the narration precedes the action to a tee without any deviation.  That’s what the movie is.

Never mind that it is a period piece, and does not jive with any current-day sensibilities — aged rather strangely — I just don’t understand what the point was.  But it wasn’t a box office smash at the time; the song has been picked up on as a pop cultural artifact and the movie has been allowed to float and fade into oblivion.


Other Thanksgiving tradition:  Iron Maiden.   Sing it and mock it.   (Though, to be honest, I just mumble badly “White Man Came!  Took our land!”, and let it go at that.)

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