The career arc of Gerald Pechenuk

In 1978, Gerald Pechenuk won .78 percent of the vote in a Missouri Congressional race. In 1987, one year following the triumph in Illinois, Pechenuk won 1.2 percent of the vote in a Democratic primary vote for Chicago ward-healer. (Or whatever the position is and is supposed to be.)  I see one more reference to him as having served as someone else’s campaign manager, which in Larouchian politics I am not entirely sure what that job is supposed to entail — the road to that fraction of a percentage point.  (Aren’t you just still deployed for the 85 year old?)  I assume there are other electoral battles he has fouht, but all I can say is that he is apparently occasionally prominently featured in Larouchian literature for his effective deployment, a successful end to a long career in Larouchian politics and that which everyone should aspire to, I suppose.

It looks like he is otherwise doing a job of juanting around the Internet, spreading the word.  I gathered this when I happened upon this, which is a gem.

In response to a posting with one of the quotes Avi Klein’s article seems to have pushed into the popular culture — or at least a segement of the Internet, “if anyone was made for blogging” — as well the idea that Internet killed the Cult Leader, Gerald Pechenuk responds with:

Did it ever occur to you that maybe, perhaps, just maybe, LaRocuhe is right, and that all the lying and denying of what he has said and continues to say about the causes of and solution to the ongoing crash of the global financial system are nothing more than smokescreens by people who are purveyors or dupes of people who just plain out oppose Larouche’s FDR-Lincoln Foudning Fathers American System solutions. THE CRASH IS undeniable. Attack and LIE about LaRouche as much as you care to, then when you are finished blowing smoke, tell me what YOUR SOLUTIONS are to the crash that he correctly and uniquely forecast.. And have fun when you do it…

Hee hee. Anyway, someone who seems to have had a first name basis with Gerald Pechenuk at one time or other responded, and all I could do was see if “Gerald Pechenuk” has ever, in posting things on the Internet, expressed an independent thought of his own, not initiated from the boiler room in Loudon.  Witness…

Dick Cheney… and a rebut.

That keen grip on national politics.

The Youth Vote in 2006, brought to you by L-PAC

Alito = Carl Schmitt = Hitler #1

Alito = Car; Schmitt = Hitler #2

Felix Rohatyn as the Man Behind the Democratic Party.

For updates on these new collaborative relationships building between and among the nations of the world that represent the largest part of humanity

Children of Satan IV?

That old Blood / Gore canard.


Worse than 1929

Anytime you want to debate Abraham Lincoln


Now, what is interesting, and what I probably should look at with a closer eye, is the difference between when Gerald references his LarouchePac address for further information and inquiries, and when he does not — is there a chronological diliniation or a categorical one?  I suspect that when he is on friendly terms with an issue,  — within a sea of comments advocating Impeachment, for instance, or the flailing of the “End is Near” of our economic site, there is an impetus to try for that next step… to Larouche.  The “History News Network” item, on the other hand, he apparently does not feel like he could pull that off, for whatever reason.

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  1. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Gerald Pechenuk is a sort of sad-sack guy in what’s left of the Chicago region (I guess). He started in NYC in the ’70s, wound up in Cgo, married Mindy (fundraiser), and shlubbed around Cgo being treated hideously by Sheila Jones et al. for years. Mindy was a Sheila fanatic for years, but finally got over it.

    Sheila’s left, but Gerald is still a kind of sweet, sad schlemiehl.

    Definitely a true believer, obviously with time on his hands. Like Howie G who haunts Kheris’s blog (–only Gerald is nicer and less shrill.

    Really was a study in pathos already as long ago as the early ’80s.

    Had some kind of personal relationship with Ken Kronberg back in NYC, when he was in NY region and Ken was on NY regional steering cttee.

    So Gerald should know.

  2. Frau Helga Says:


  3. Justin Says:

    The one thing I will say is that I don’t think Gerald Pechenuk is unique in having run in several pointless election campaigns under the banner of chanting “Larouche. Larouche. Larouche.”

  4. Rachel Holmes Says:

    There was a time when many LaRouche associates ran electoral campaigns–but when LaRouche noticed that that was getting them some attention, and presumably thereby drawing attention from himself, he stepped all over that.

    He announced that he was the only item on the agenda, and his campaign was the only item on the agenda, and … you can extrapoloate the rest.

    So long, “mass movement.”

    BTW, Revenire could have been Gerald, since Revenire also claimed that he was from the Chicago area, etc. And he was plainly a longtime LaRouche org member, not the faraway “just stopped by” supporter he claimed.

    Also, Revenire and Gerald both seem to have time on their hands. The great secret about the LaRouche org is that, although they always seem busy and “work” long hours, they do very, very little.

    A very high percentage of their time is spent in talking to each other (“meeting, analyzing, strategizing”). That way they shore up each other’s sagging faith.

    A tiny handful of people do most of the “work” that gets done. The hardest workers are the Boomer fundraisers, who are always excoriated, battered, exhausted–and yet consider themselves an elite, superior to everyone else, on whom they look down for not being sufficiently fanatical.

    But the hardest worker of all, in my all years of experience, was Ken Kronberg, who very rarely took a day off in years, who worked late hours every day, who was in his office on Saturdays and Sundays even when the fundraisers had been let out of their cages.

    Why? It took working 24/7 to keep PMR and WorldComp afloat while LaRouche stiffed them. How else do you suppose he built PMR into one of the top 400 printers in the U.S.? Certainly not just with “big orders” from the Labor Cttee….

    Imagine how he felt to be trashed by that consummate fool LaRouche, after he had operated like Atlas for all those years to keep the wretched thing going.

  5. Justin Says:

    The thing about revenire was, or one of the things about him…

    Not only could he not keep his story straight, but he seemed to have no interest in keeping his story straight. So it is that he could argue that he was no LYMers’ (menial duty I can’t recall) — which, I guess he would have no reason to be if he weren’t a member.

  6. Rachel Holmes Says:

    According to Eaglebeak at FactNet

    Dennis King recently posted the full text of LaRouche’s 1974 Manchurian candidate speech with the most bizarre sections highlighted. It’s at

    Note at the top the quote about inducing suicide in brainwashees.

  7. Allen Lowe Says:

    well, I knew Gerald at Suny Binghamton in the 1970s, just when the LaRouch-ites were starting to organize. I wrote a big expose on the party, based on some interviews I did in NYC with people the party had imprisoned. Gerry started out as a well-meaning if conventional leftist; after I wrote the story he told me he now knew I was an agent of some sort, and brainwashed by “them.” He was confirmed LaRouche-ite at this point. Sad stuff. Those people were crazy.

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