I Provide no Title

From xlcrer: The REAL understanding of Larouche is from the numerous scam artist outside security people who know how to use Larouche’s delusions and thievery against him. […]  Bunko artists themselves become victims to better bunko artists by playing up the greed and delusions of the mark.  

Some of that story came out in the Fraud trial in 1987, I guess.  The relationship between Larouche and the KKK?  Apparently what was going on was that the Ku Klux Klan was bilking money out of Larouche, providing false intelligence services, in order to get money to attend Star Trek conventions.

No, seriously.  Cue New York Times!  December 9, 1987!:
A neo-Nazi hired for security by Lyndon H LaRouche Jr., the political extremist who frequently runs for President, bilked and ridiculed Mr. LaRouche and his associates, according to testimony and statements in the man’s trial for conspiracy to obstruct justice.

The man, Roy E Frankhouser Jr., was sent by Mr. LaRouche to Boston in November 1984 to check on the progress of a Federal investigation into possible credit card fraud by LaRouche campaign workers.  But Mr. Frankhouser, a Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, and two other members of a “security” team apparently went instead to a convention of fans of the television series “Star Trek,” being held in Scranton, Pa.

Well, I broad-swiped my description of… um… The KKK bilked money out of Lyndon Larouche in order to attend Star Trek conventions.  Just individual members.  And just one reported Star Trek convention.  The KKK did not, as an organization, make the organization choice to charge Larouche for fraudulent services, using the funds to attend Star Trek conventions, as my statement to that effect implies.
How did I miss this when I read through media history of Larouche in December and January.  It must have been that I read a few articles, understood the gist — sure: Larouche describes the conspiracy against him; the Prosecution goes to great lengths to say this has nothing to do with his politics — his organization’s just been bilking the elderly out of their credit card savings.  Throw in the ignoble quotation from one of those famous Larouche briefings about how this is for the victims’ own good, and some KKKers taking Larouche’s money and running off to a Star Trek convention gets lost in the mix.

I stumbled upon this looking for a very specific news item… a whimsical piece on life in Washington, as so happens during the great Stock Market Tumble of 1987.  I could not find the piece.  I was going to post the lines about Larouchies marching, singing and chanting to the effect of “We Told You So.” — the economic crisis that dear old Lyndon Larouche has gone about has come, darneditall.  Next to that, I was going to post a passage from Jeff Durstewitz’s part of Younger Than That Now, concerning his wild ride on the stock market at the time where he looked straight in the eye of whether to pay out his margin call or to sell his stocks and cut his losses.  He chose the latter, and noted that had he met the margin call, he would have become rich by the end of that year.

It was to be a simple lesson for the crisis-enfused denziens of the LYM, regarding perspective.  1987 is now 20 years ago, about the age of a LYMer one has to figure.  I remember the stock market calamities of the time merely because my birthday happened on that weekend — my age moving to one more finger on my second hand — otherwise I would not recall that.

Some financial bubbles are going to burst.  It is not an Economic Crisis that is the End of the World.  But Larouche will play it, and any slight occurrences — real or imagined — as such for the benefit of further tightening his control over a LYMers’ being.

Anyway that was going to be the purpose of this blog post.  Along with that last Larouche post I did, it would have pretty well closed the book on my “Purpose #2″.  But I couldn’t find that brief commentary.  But I found that KKK — Star Trek story when looking for it.  KKK Trekkies.  I suppose there’s no reason they shouldn’t exist.

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  1. Rachel Holmes Says:

    LaRouche turned to some other strange quarters for “security” advice, including Mitch WerBell, Danny Murdoch, Gordon Novell, Farzad Darui, Mordechai Levi, etc.

    The main thing about LaRouche is that he NEEDS to be in danger from the most powerful people in the world so that he can confirm his world-historical importance.

    All those listed and many more besides were able to make a BUNDLE off LaRouche by telling him about conspiracies to kill him, dark figures in high places out to get him, and so forth.

    MILLIONS OF $ went out the door to “protect” LaRouche from these “threats.”

    The strange thing is that when he went to prison FOR FIVE YEARS, not a soul tried to kill him, not even his arch-nemesis George H.W. Bush, supposedly responsible for sending him to prison, or British oligarchical fiend Kenneth de Courcy.

    No one laid a hand on the old boy. Hmmmm. Maybe he wasn’t on the top of everyone’s hit list after all. Well, for sure, Lyn took the threats seriously. His “security intelligence” sidekicks in the organization–perhaps not so much. And the people who got the money must have been laughing all the way to their Swiss bank accounts.

  2. Justin Says:

    Incidentally, I may well just have to dust through the articles and material on the Trials, since we all know by now how history repeats with our famed cult leader. I’m both in a holding pattern concerning Larouche, and digging into some areas of quasi-interest, having more or less known, from reading between the lines and generally just glaring at the situation, known since the death of Kronberg what was coming down the pike.


    So the Gutter Outlets of Wall Street Fascist John Train — Prepare thouself; dig into your trenches.

  3. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Two new articles on LaRouche–in the New Republic this week and in today’s (6/28) Falls Church, VA newspaper


  4. Rudolph Says:

    One of the people named above whom LaRouche “consulted” with is FARZAD DARUI who was indicted on June 2, 2007 on 7 counts: five counts of mail fraud, one count of interstate transportation of stolen property and one count of first degree theft. All this is over Darui’s indictment on charges that he defrauded his former employer — the Saudi-controlled Islamic Center of Washington DC — of more than $430,000 over a period of five years. (see the entire text of the Department of Justice press release of Darui’s indictment at http://www.usdoj.gov/usao/dc/Press_Releases/2007%20Archives/Jun_2007/07-174.html)

    There is a strange connection between a character like LaRouche and a nobody like Darui: the LaRouche-connected “Executive Intelligence Review” (EIR) is possibly the only American publication pushing the idea that the Shah of Iran was overthrown by a western conspiracy. Darui is associated with the exiled Iranian monarchists in the US who believe their Shah was overthrown by the UK and that the ayatollahs are agents of Queen Elizabeth.

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