the most peculiar Obama Question

A comment from elsewhere:

I think that either Obama or Clinton will be our next president. I also think that both have a very high probability of being assassinated–especially Obama. I would be surprised if he doesn’t have several attempts before the campaign is over.

Personally, I like Obama and would vote for him. He has a great deal of old-school class and dignity about him.

It’s sort of striking how ubiquitous that statement is.  The reason people come to that conclusion is obvious, and I note that all youtube submissions on Barack Obama are loaded to the gills with nasty racist comments.

I am wondering if this feeling — Obama = Assassinated — might find its way into voters’ minds, either at the primary or general election end.  The feeling that we would be unable to deal with this gut-feeling quasi-inevitable assassination, and as much as I personally would like to vote for him that factor forces me to vote for the Other Guy.   It’s a heightened version of the line against interracial marriage, or these days Homosexuals adopting: surely I’m fine with it, but the children are in for a lot of abuse, so might as well not put them through the abuse.
In the meantime — is Rush still doing that “Obama Osama” “gaffe”?

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  1. Ruth Says:

    The neocons love Obama. He’s voted more than 24 times for the war while pretending to be anti-war. He voted more than 5 times to continue the PATRIOT Act. He supports the coal industry over the environment, and he would nuke Iran in support of Israel. He opposes impeachment. Obama seems just right for a position in the neocon hall of fame. Hillary is to the left of Obama. She’s more honest about her voting record than Obama.

    Obama got his four Democratic opponents disqualified when he ran for state senate and used more dirty tricks to get both his Democratic and Republican opponents to drop out of the US Senate race. They guy can’t win a legitimate election without dirty tricks. I bet Rove loves this guy.

    Personally, I’m voting for an anti-war candidate.

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