Well, this is creepy.

I now understand the reason for the suicide of the Larouchite, the, um, guy who apparently ran Larouche’s print-shop. He did it for the Cause. And because he learned that he was less than human… the “beast” of the proverbial “man versus beast” equation.
In the morning just hours prior to the Kronberg suicide on April 11, a daily internal document, the “morning briefing” circulated among members of the LaRouche entities, lashed out, in a paraphrase of LaRouche, at what it called the failures of the “baby boom” generation, including among the entities’ own members, and singled out “the print shop” as “among the worst.” It then went on to state, speaking to the younger generation, “the Boomers will be scared into becoming human, because you’re the real world, and they’re not. Unless they want to commit suicide.”

The “morning briefing” is considered authoritative within all the LaRouche entities that many, including many former participants, contend operate collectively like a cult. The April 11 version, written by Tony Papert of LaRouche’s inner leadership circle, his National Executive Committee, appears to assert that the only way the “baby boom” generation, ostensibly including those among LaRouche’s own associates, can be in the “real world” is through suicide.

Kronberg was among the long-term associates of LaRouche, dating back to the early 1970s, that LaRouche has been claiming in a series of recent statements are responsible, by being typical of the so-called “baby boom” generation, for the ineffectiveness of his movement, despite their decades of personal sacrifices in support of his cause. His appeal has been to the new leadership potential of his so-called “LaRouche Youth Movement.”

I suppose I now have deeper insight into the question from the Larouchite who left a message a couple of months ago — “Do You know the difference between man and beast?”.
Wondering what to make of this, I go off and click “Larouche” into a blog search engine. Lyndon Larouche is thinking about traveling back to India. Bully for him. Bully for this blogger who seems incapable of posting anything other than articles from Larouche’s publications. This guy learns about Larouche’s late 80s early 90s joining of the crusade to change the pitch standard. As for “our very own Lyndon Larouche” — please take him.

Baby Boomers of the world — you know what to do. You must make way for the new generation! It is a ritual cleansing. It is time to purge the old guard.
I don’t know anymore. Next time you see a Larouchite on a street corner or campus corner, just know to yourself the internal struggles of what has produced this garbage. I presume the pamphlets they will be peddling to you, surely for the rest of the school year, will have been handled by the man who was ordered to commit suicide.
Does anybody have any thoughts on fuzzy bunnies?

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  1. Dianne Bettag Says:

    What does it make YOU if you publish stuff you have no personal knowledge of? How much research did you do before you published Nick Benton’s article and then responded to it as gospel…?

  2. Justin Says:

    I shall let that stand as the Larouchite rebuttal for the moment.

    Looking over the FACTnet board, I see something brewing over Larouche’s outrage at the “Baby Boomers”. I noted that Richard Freeman editorial, I believe posting it into my 10 part “history” saying “Heck. I’ll take him at face value” on why the LYM had to be established. Baby Boomers.

    But the first time I saw a 30 minute spot from him, he was off on his baby-boomer kick in what I guess would have had to have been 1996  (I always remembered 1992, but there he would have had to have been filming from prison — not before the audience.  Maybe he had a reprieve or two during his prison – term that allowed him this type of campaigning, so who knows?), in relation to what is wrong with Clinton. It seemed roughly a typical jab at 1960s culture, but his meme has apparently solidified and shifted.

  3. Rachel Holmes Says:

    I knew the deceased very well, and I think the odds are good that the “morning briefing” referred to in the Benton article triggered his suicide. The fact that this so-called briefing was written by Tony Papert, according to Benton, would be significant first because Papert is used by LaRouche to launch purges, and second because Papert hated Ken Kronberg and his wife passionately, although I do not know the reasons. Papert hates a lot of people.

  4. Rachel Holmes Says:

    The Kronberg suicide is big. There are condolences to the family on the Jeremiah Duggan website–more heartfelt than the demento letter LaRouche sent Kronberg’s widow, which has now showed up in the LaRouchies’ “morning briefing” and is probably all over the Internet by now.
    Main point of LaRouche letter: Kronberg’s life’s meaning comes from what he did for Me.

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