Junk Food.

The problem with Voodoo Doughnuts is that in the end, you are standing outside a tiny room with a buck and a quarter less in exchange for a Doughnut with Fruit Loops placed on the frosting.  It is a genius business model, I suppose — a drunken mob wander in and out with doughnuts with bacon stuck to them, leaving swiftly enough — by business design — so that another mob — this one of wandering goths, perhaps, can wander in.  The cash rushes in.  A veritable Portland Institution.  More power to them!
On a whim and because I passed by it, I stood in line at Ben and Jerry’s on “Free Cone Day”.  The weather patterns of frequent shower-clusters rushing in at a moment’s notice shortened the line compared to last year, where the line was prohibitive enough that I passed on it.  Once in the Ben and Jerry’s, the man ahead of me asked “Hey!  Is this Dave Matthews?”  Sure.  Dave Matthews.  Phish.  The Greatful Dead.  On an endless loop.  And all merged together into a black vortex, a trinity, the alpha and omega Holy Trinity of Ben and Jerry’s background music.

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