libertarian party jokers

I see Donald Trump is going to speak at the Libertarian Party convention. The Libertarian Party invited both major party candidates, as well as Robert Kennedy jr. I guess they drew the line at Jill Stein, even though from their perspective Stein would be just as statist as Biden. Trump too, but apparently not. The Reason comments section is always a doozy of Trump fans clamouring against any suggestion of criticism or opposition from the article under the banner of Libertarianism. For their part, post takeover from the ‘Mises Caucus’, put off by Gary Johnson and I guess the woman they ran last time, are selling Trump t-shirts and mementos in honor of Trump’s appearance. So. Apparently Trump has a constituency there. Actually, a quick look see on what Ron Paul is up to these days shows him harping against the most recent Trump rejected and so killed Lankford immigration Bill for not keeping out enough immigrants, so it is not like there is any beacon from the past and this Trump Libertarian confab may just as well be.

For his part, Trump’s motive to go to this convention — a constituency sits there, surely perhaps, but also stated as — needing to stop Robert Kennedy jr. Or get to the voters who are flipping between the two. An odd one. Apparently the person who actually might win the Libertarian Party nomination is not really even a factor.

If the Libertarian Party had not reconstituted itself, and had a mind toward trying to push forward to the next election — I wonder if they ought as well nominate Vermin Supreme. Go back to the academic gadfly next time up, but in the meantime keep what faction of Trump appeal by way of amused clowning in line best they can. As were, they may just nominate Trump.

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