The Kennedy question

I see the flier posted to a pole. It is the uncommitted vote campaign. At the very least it gives some terms for opposition. Permanent cease fire. At least I think it spells out permanent — might be temporary.

I am not inclined for any symbolic opposition to Biden, as I would not have been in 2012 for Obama. Quite possibly the option looks intriguing with Clinton in 1996. But let us suppose hypothetically we transpose Clinton 1996 into this year or I were inclined to vote a line against Biden. Now I can’t. Because the vote has a signifier I disagree with. It is the attempted shut down of college commencement addresses and even broader disruptions, some holding up of traffic, a guy self immolating, all for a chant whose functional meaning is Death to the Jews. I suppose we move into general election territory on the sensation — a choice between ho hum and bad.

Currently much ink is spilled and bloviations are heard on the candidacy of Robert F Kennedy jr. Biden has an ad that largely missed the point — lining up all the Kennedys to pump him up. Trump is highlighting him as an extreme leftist environmentalist, the better to eat support into Biden. Polls show him right not eating into Trump — after all, it is failing against the establishment and Trump was very much pro vax. Joe Trippi warns such polls are fools gold — he still is trouble for Biden. A funny thing about the third party protest vote. Because the candidate is not winning anything, the entire exercise of a vote of support hinges on the same matter that collapses the “uncommitted primary” vote for me. This candidate signifies what exactly? I gather this is where the two sides battle it out with Kennedy — dump him over there and toss back like a hot potato grenade.

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