The cannibal equation

Poking about in right wing of the Internet, Biden has been given a moniker of “Cannibal Joe”, with a follow that the liberal media is not reporting on a goofy comment he made which caused a minor international kerplunk. Biden’s uncle was eaten by cannibals. And that I casually slide next to the revelation that Biden’s father had the most progressive attitude towards homosexuality of anyone in Scranton Pennsylvania in the 1950s. The neat trick on this one is we do have a great equivalency for Trump on the Stump — one that should show Trump is worse here than Biden. Trump, you will recall, claimed an endorsement from Hannibal Lector. Weirdly enough, he actually appears to have Hannibal Lector on his brain — came around later to reference Silence of the Lambs as the type of people coming in from South of the border. So on the Cannibal Beat, Biden remains in better standing. And the bizarre old man remark of a type that scuttled the resident’s presidential ambitions as far back as 1987 will continue to be more favourable than the in a sense similar but ultimately more psychotic old man ramblings of the former president.

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