lawyer niceties

On the defense, there is this somewhat amusing feature — necessary — where they use one of the same line as the prosecution but the line ends up with a different meaning. It is “use your common sense”. For the Defense, it is “stay cynical”, an attempt to get at an equivalency amongst all partisan factions — “I am shocked, SHOCKED”. So here “use your common sense” is affixed to the “it’s called Democracy”. And indeed, I do have the Prosecutorial frame of “election interference”, when the overall story is suppressing one real story that I have to tilt my head to figure why it matters amongst a sea of fake news (or whatever we should properly call it) from an outlet that has a lot of celebrity should-not-take-seriously stories, which now veered into the political.

The other day we had the anniversary of the day Donald Trump suggested drinking bleach to cure covid. It occurred to me that Vice President Biden, early in the Obama administration, made a real insane and instantly mocked by everyone comment on public health concerns. I think, if I recall right, Biden was comically overly protective — or maybe he was just prematurely prescient for covid. What this means is not all that much, other than to suppose that the Trip trial proceeds from the same basis as the Trump campaign — his path to victory is paved in forging cynical equivalencies every which where.

One other flash of familiarity on the Trump defense that stood out — a jocular refrain “We’re New Yorkers.”. Funny that. I remember Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer making the same appeal – – I am curious where that “be not afraid to f’ with the national consensus” is tried, like do they do that in Texas?

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