Dual arguments

Posted today with the legacy media, I think it is the NY Times, a story on the particular relationship Diane Feinstein’s staff has with Diane Feinstein. I am sure you could have run the same story in the last decade of the Storm Thurmond Senate seat. And over yonder,I hear the whisper “Psst. President Joe Biden.”

I am told it is sexist to call for Feinstein to step down. Because, after all Strom Thurmond. Stated or unstated. A peculiar argument, that.

And I am told it is age-ist to fret on Biden for the coming election campaign. Because after all, Donald Trump. As old coming in as Biden was. Peculiar argument, that. Next comes the pointing out that Biden sounded as goofy as he does now throughout his years in the Senate. Another peculiar argument. Biden also did not win in 1988 or 2008. I suppose you do have the Trump argument to fall back on — when did he start sounding goofy? 1988 and 2008?

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