all the the yahoos running

There is this headline from I believe The Los Angeles Times saying the Democrats have a Stronger Bench than You Think. It is by way of a last ditch, perhaps simply for the intellectual exercise and to bear witness for posterity that he promoted it, effort in side lining the coming Biden re-election fight. And the problem with the bench as suggested by the columnist is it means squat — Biden does not run, you have Kamala Harris, and the Democratic is not going to be able to deflect away from internal charges of racism and sexism to jettison her. Funny thing — if not for the death of George Floyd, the vice president and potential candidate absent Biden may just be … Oh, Amy Klobuchar. I think may be more electorally palatable, but I can’t run the counterfactual alternate universe. It could be worse for the Democrats. It could have been Stacey Abrams.

The great pile of Democrats offered as Democrats who could’ve inserted into the presidency are various popular Democratic governors in strange not whole blue states, along the lines of the governor of Kentucky. And sure. Maybe you could think like Clinton 1992. Or maybe they are just the governor of Montana in 2020 who gets met an angry cry to run for the damned Senate to help gain control of congress and let us find someone who has the right points and buzzwords on transgender issues. Or, likewise, the Republicans in 2016 pining for the Great Sanity Hope of… Um… Mitch Daniels.

Meantime the guy actually staking a shadow campaign for if things fall through is the not politically palatable governor of California.

It is a gas.

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