The whole she-bang

Trying to play this out in an alternate universe,because the thing that makes the boycott ers the sympathetic figures in this whole game — never mind your exciting headline —

— well, Chick Fil IL and a whole mass of “deplatformed” college speakers want to put in a comment —

and that shoves aside the immediate commenters I see of people getting huffy and puffy just because they are reaching out to a different market them them comes from the Bud Light marketing genius talking up how they need to move away from the fratty humor of the past —

Had the beer company just put out the damned can in select markets, thrown out their “Pride” sponsorship as always in tandem with their Rodeo and Jackasseey sponsorships — would this have piqued the Bud dumping?

I do not have an answer to the question.

It is that great message of the Miller ad — the “women started this whole beeringthing, and they put us in bikinis” call to send in old ads so they can mulch them campaign — the message “You have been misogynistic yahoos for enjoying our product all these years” certainly is an odd sell.

I do not particularly see an end game. Elsewhere I have seen the pop-up loving from the left on corporate “queer-washing” — put up a flag, have it on some products, treat it as a market. Not sure what else they are desired to do — like, sure, it puts a shiny gleam in not Unionizing Starbucks employees, but that theoretically should be befitting people opposed to minors’ gender affirming care. They seem to have a different end game in mind — which at least is an end game in mind. Here — Target needs to display some things they want to sell you do not want to buy personally, and always gave and always will.

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