Yahoos everywhere I look

I am perhaps the only person in the country who draws a direct scornful parallel with the Republican state legislators in Oregon and the disruptive Democrats in the Tennessee legislature. Yahoos not getting their way in the Democratic process so that need reprimanding, and are packaging a cause celebre status. I guess even if the Oregon Supreme Court rules the law stripping them from the ability running again is held, it works fine for them — the residents of the area that wants to be Western Idaho can just send in the next group of people to do the same act, and repeat that again for the next cycle.

But rolling through news headlines and into commentary, I constantly get gobsmacked on the … “What the Hell is this bullshit?”

A pregnant nurse. Bought use of a bike. A man, happens to be black, argued the bike he did not buy use of was his to use. And here is how the Root takes to it for contextualization…

Because whiteness is the ultimate shield of protection, over $120,000 was raised for Comrie through a GoFundMe created by her uncle. Luckily, the person in the video who was accused of violence by the hospital employee was able to walk away unscathed. AND THEN. However, in the case of Emmett Till—the 14-year-old Black boy who in 1955 was falsely accused by Carolyn Bryant of whistling at her—the outcome was vastly different. 

At this point I just stare in disbelief. This is a mutation of Godwin’s Law. Ready made answer if the courts find in her favor. They let Emit Till’s assailants off too! Meantime, a shoplifter in San Francisco … Another dumb cause celebre.

And the cultural lines get drawn everywhere I look. These banning in schools! A major point in Biden’s re-election announcement video in fighting “Ultra-Maga”, never mind my thought that… Removing a book from a school curriculum in favor of a different book, no matter the merits and detriments of the material, is not the definition of banning, and on the k-12 it is all about shaping a curriculum — but nevermind. At least I understand what is being gotten at thereabouts. But I see a headline I do not understand. Chocolate Milk has been banned from school lunch. And the headline uses that word “banned”. What the Hell does that even mean? If you want to say they dropped chocolate milk from the !inch menu, which strikes me as a good idea — chocolate is not terribly healthy after all — that would be accurate, but the loaded word… “banned”? Enter the culture warriors mad at Michelle Obama specifically for healthy lunch room initiatives.

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