Super Big Game Culture War Doldrums

A politician who gets their name short-handed to their three initials is in good shape. FDR, JFK, LBJ… RFK was known at least. I don’t know of any elected figure beyond them off the top of my mind, so until I do I guess this means AOC has a three in four shot of gaining the presidency. Today I see the headline that she does not like the Jesus commercial in the Superbowl. If it is the same basic premise of the Jesus commercials playing throughout this past football season, it is obnoxiously innocuous fare. Maybe you can quibble with the underlying messages beyond the Christian selling. The reference I see in the news story is to the admonishment that we ought be more like children — with a further message that children are kind and fair and unselfish. I would tend to quibble on that — a bit of a contradiction in children, certainly babies are as selfish as can be and I would further suggest that if children’s innate curiosity and behavior out of it were extrapolated to adult behavior, it would come off as the ultimate in micro-aggressions. That said, the word volleyed about, and maybe not from AOC as I see quotes from a second politician’s n come into the mix — is “fascist”. The message is “fascist”. I squint and say a “if you say so”. But I guess someone might be able to fill me in. The Real Story Behind the ‘He Gets Us’ Jesus Ads That Aired During the Super Bowl. An organization behind a series of pro-Jesus ads that aired during the Super Bowl is reportedly helping bankroll anti-abortion and anti-LGBTQ legislation. All right. Assuming the worst — and they aren’t defending bakers who aren’t putting two grooms at the top of cakes or qualifying gender segregation in scholastic sports — isn’t it better for them to drop millions of bucks on this innocuous ad instead of their usual habit?

I see a headline. Trump doesn’t like Rihanna’s show. Interestingly, a writer for the National Review did like it — yah pregnancy and a “pro-life” message whether she likes it or not, but then Trump always had beef with them. As he does with Rihanna apparently. At this point Trump slides to a celebrity envious of another celebrity, as he was in a prep political life so he is in post office. A curious thing on Rihanna. I saw the ads stumping her half time show. Something about a massive fur (or faux fur perhaps) coat. I had no idea who this was, but presumed it someone famous. That was obvious by the fact that they did not say her name — they did not have to because anyone who does not know her on site is just hopelessly out of touch. I simply have not noted her in several years. She looks several years older than she did several years ago. That is the only thing I note about her. Also some conservatives deride something about her show. Including Trump. I will take their word for it that they have their reasons to do so that make sense to them. They could have changed the channel to the Puppy Bowl if they cared so much. Which I see “Team Fluff” won, whatever “winning” is in that event.

Another headline. M and Ms Spokes-candies are back. I don’t even know what the issue was. We’re there new gender non conforming candies cannibalizing each other? But what — the entire controversy was a publicity stunt?

There was a commercial with the characters from Breaking Bad selling A new snack chip as the next Meth. Interesting promotional idea, I suppose. Though, I see no outrage over it. Everyone likes meth chips, I guess.

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