the new abnormal

I am old enough to remember Cindy Sheehan getting booted out before a George W Bush State of the Union address. The immediate claimed she could deploy for matyrdom reason was that she had on a t-shirt which tv cameras could jump to as against George W Bush’s Iraq War messaging, but the more sensible reason was a very real possibility she would shout at some point in the speech and make a scene to get her dragged out.

Today we have some of Joe Wilson’s babies. That congressman made a pile of campaign cash after shouting “You Lie!” at a Barack Obama State of the Union Address. Two facedly he issued an apology as he raked in the notoriety and “Tea Party” fan base praise. Enter the news blips coming in before yesterday, Kevin McCarthy reportedly issuing the edicts to his caucus — Don’t do this. And with that we knew we were, on this score, screwed. Yeah, sure — how many ballots did it take to get McCarthy over?

In a purely political sense on donkeys v elephants, President Biden knew this was coming and was prepared to capitalize. Which, for him, is good if you take the “senile old dodderer” line — it would be a bad show if he had to come in purely off the cuff.

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