embattled mayor syndrome

This odd point of disjunction in politics, where I hear a pundit describe the political fortunes of the unpopular mayor of Chicago with a reference to brusque crudeness and a caveat that “it is not how I would want my mayor to behave, and I would take it as a minus in voting” but “this is Chicago, home of Mayor Daley the First” so “it will be interesting to witness the gender and racial dynamics for this black woman mayor.”

Dissect it a couple directions. The pundit has absolved herself of any charges in racism and sexism in the event that she shows no support. The citizens of Chicago, though, aren’t allowed to respond in the manner she does because of comparisons to past popular support of mayor few of them were alive to vote for or against, and which much historian commentary paints on an ugly face.

Maybe someone can “Recreate 68” and test Chicago’s mayor against her Lost in Time predecessor.

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