scandal tempest teapots

I am thinking of Bert Lance in the Jimmy Carter administration. Forced to resign because scandal hovered over him. It didn’t much matter that it was not a much, Carter had come in as the “anti-Nixon” and so it was easy enough to get trapped with the “I thought this guy was going to be wholly above reproach!”. And so, questions not yet answered become questions that haunt, even after they are answered.

I overhear the words “I am sick of Biden.”. The reason why — scandal, of a sort. The exact thing that Trump did! Kind of. The women she’s talking to quickly brings up countervailing explainers on why they are not comparable. But we leave us at that note, “But the optics!” An interesting electorate as pundit staring at the electorate and becoming self creating the dreaded-for narrative. At least momentarily. Because I do have the basic note that — if there right now hated Biden is the Democratic nominee next time up, she will indeed be voting for him. And probably loving to do so. Because the next thing she has to say is, “Newsom sucks.”. She did give the name of the Democratic nominee she wants to vote for, but I did not catch it.

And we have a kind of curious dilemma that I was always cognizant of through the last six years — how widely or how narrowly do you want to define “Trump”ism? Like, sure “Kids in cages” and all that, but there will be deportations under the next Democratic administration, and examples of bad circumstances in detaining people. And, on the case at hand, I suppose when first describing outrage at filing away loads of classified documents, it was necessary to toss in caveats of when it and how this malady might be not necessarily good, but not overly bothersome to count.

Curious matter of “Trumpism” defined and then not. That bunch of Republicans who delayed Kevin McCarthy’s Speakership. Supposedly “Trump” ists. But they had their goals, counter to Trump’s, and acted in a parliamentary fashion to achieve them. And somehow I was supposed to care one way or the other about McCarthy.

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