celebrity endorsements

I think by any realistic accounts of the situation, Lynne Cheney is shot. I am sure she will appear in some ‘Profiles in Courage’ book in half a century , so she has that — as too a great career in corporate lobbying ahead of her — so no need to cry for her. But once a politico in Wyoming receives the endorsement of the NY Times, you know it’s over.

She has a celebrity endorsement. Kevin Costner. I do not know how this plays in Wyoming. He is Hollywood, and has houses up and around Hollywood –even if he also has houses (or maybe just house) in Wyoming — part time residence makes him part time relatable to the good folks of Wyoming. Maybe everyone there loves Waterworld?

Quick searching suggests the man supported Buttigieg in the last Democratic Presidential race, because — someone had to. He becomes then the Democrat that Lynne Cheney hopes will make the effort to multiple steps of Re- registration to cast A vote for her, and “save Democracy ™”.

Not too many celebrities in the two districts of Washington State Republican impeachers. The closest Dan Newhouse’s has are NASCAR drivers — and they seem to want to run against him. Just as well.

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