Orson Welles, of Transformers fame

Hey! Look! A Yahoo sports news image with stock images of a couple NFL stand outs, and what’s this? Why — it’s legendary future hall of fame Seattle Seahawks running back Adrian Peterson! And you know — while he played for multiple teams, he will always be a Seahawk at heart — as when football fans think “Adrian Peterson”, they will picture him in his Seahawks jersey, doing all those things he did on the field for that franchise.

Yep! Turning on the game Sunday afternoon. Say, that classic game against the 49ers. Remember him lined up at the one and — blam! Touchdown! See the highlight here.

Then there was the time he…

No, wait. That’s pretty much it. His Seahawks stat line:

One game, eleven touches for sixteen yards, one touchdown, one first down. I suppose if we need a second highlight we can turn to that first down run.

Actually, if we need a game full of temporary players to watch — this 1987 week 4 match up against the Dolphins presents some real intrigue. It is a scab game, and by all reports the random assortment of dudes the Seattle Seahawks hastily assembled were the least prepared and worst of all the franchises’ hastily assembled (though apparently a tad less hasty) players. So the Dolphins were heavily favored, and this game counts as an upset. It appears what worked in the Seahawks favor is they managed to get a QB / wide receiver combo that had some past NFL experience together — mostly in practice squad I gather, though the QB was getting his games in to get the minimum requirement for a pension — the great equalizer even as the rest of the team was crap. Reportedly the qb selected his team based on how rude the other suitors’ striking players were about their scab replacements — so, lucky that Seattle turned out to be less or opinion than Houston. Even with the accidental (if on the margins) pro-level talent, they still needed one of Miami’s scab players to make a boneheaded error to turn the game. Of course, no one in the stands at the Kingdome knew who the Hell they were cheering on — and so goes the ridiculousness of spectator sports magnified.

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