The President isn’t Well

Not all that impressed or startled by the image of the president falling as he walks down a flight of airplane stairs — it happens to young men sometimes and will happen to old men more often. But file it away as a reference point web n more serious

I can interpret the image of Biden shaking into thin air as he looked over at a mob gathering about Obama and then walking off a bit more generously than, say, the YouTube clips thrown by Sky News. A “shouldn’t they be streaming to see me, who is after all President?” as opposed to the dementia assumed. It is a only a bit more generous, as the game comes that everyone wants to see Obama, damnedit.

Trump was not well. Reagan was not well in time. Nixon was not well. Wilson was not well.

We can assume that the Democratic Party are trying to figure out how to steer a new candidate for 2024. And this does not even necessarily mean Biden is policy wise a failure — I am a minor fan of various one term presidents — political failures and otherwise, and with Biden the political dilemma is something that “the center cannot hold” — where a center means dragging in the remnant of some rust belt voters who are recouping to the sounds of an Alexandria O. Cortez. (Call it false consciousness if you want, and I heard a liberal podcast offer in terms of sizing up dim prospects in Ohio or Pennsylvania senate elections the need for “deprogramming” “brainwashing” in the face of, say, JD Vance.)

By definition, any hope of a center holding for long was in trouble. The center is too old.

If it makes one feel better, he is in better shape than Diane Feinstein. Say you want about James Inhofe, but at least he knows to retire before he hits 90.

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