Florida has a governor, and it’s hard for me to care one way and another

I actually do not know the details of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay bill”, but I know enough not to trust the glib framed mock name. It might be a sensible package; it might be a horror-fest worthy of its nickname — either way it will be classified as the horror-fest and get a smug celebrity on an awards’ show mocking it as so. Whether that matches any reality or not.

And I guess I should look into the details for any precise measures, but I am stuck that a “woke faction” spoils it going in.

Besides which, from the smiddling of details I have browsed past I thought it was more “don’t say trans”. In caricature at least.

Likewise, I would need to look into the details of the supposed horror crest on math curriculum, but I suffer the bizarre reality of a couple floating e hot chambers th get commented on and then comments receive commentary where reference points are missed to the point where one side’s derision gets derided easily because they missed what the original derision was. See here a supposed fixing of math curriculum springing supposedly out of an overweening 1619 Project stuffing, easily picked examples here or there that crowd right wing sources and are either seen less or seen in some more sanctified context by left wing sources. Or so is my best guess on the lay of the land in staring at these fist clenching headlines and bad late night host political jerking before examination.

Miami Herald by way of Huffington Post lets us in on a warning — Gov. Ron DeSantis Is Following In Richard Nixon’s Footsteps, Miami Herald Warns. At first I assume this is a claim of focus on cultural matters, but reading it is a claim that a target of Disney is the first step in compilation of an enemies’ list for selective political retribution, and at first we see Disney soon… Hundreds. Politicians politick. The governor of New Jersey selectively targets the NRA with sharpened laws and clever enforcement. See California for other examples. Say hello to Kampala Harris. Maybe everything is Nixonian, but it is that case that when everything is Nixonian nothing is. This being a case where the headline blades that Florida’s governor is seeking to rescind Disney’s tax exempt status — ie: A special perk and corporate privilege carved out by previous governing officials. And from there the commentary of Disney’s sanctified history as against actions made by Florida culture warrior politicians becomes wholly surreal.

Did you hear about Disney’s new conception of an immersed reality? Haven’t we been there?

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