plots against order

Protecting the president. Or, I guess, not. I sense if one wanted to, they could backtrack some details to lazily hypothesize on the JFK assassination, or project such an idea onto a Trump contingent chipping about secret service jobs in the Biden years.

Conspiracy theorists, UFO hunters among first to flock to Obama‚Äôs once-secret presidential records. Sure — who else is interested in such dry materials except people seeking dots to connect in prearranged shapes?

Wait. Haven’t we heard this one hereabouts? Four people were arrested in Germany and weapons were seized in an investigation into suspected anti-government extremists who allegedly planned to cause a long nationwide blackout and kidnap well-known figures including the country’s health minister, authorities said Thursday. Michigan governors have a word of comparison here — unless, as some believe, that was the FBI leading in on it.

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