Moments that give cults meaning

Hey! A page from the Larouchie playbook!

(image from New Republic website. Historically, Putin cites them as paid for by George Soros.)

Mike Dzagi ignores the long history of the Larouche movement from 1994 into 2008*, cites Larouche on the evils of Hillary Clinton. Knocks Amy Klobuchar for local boosterism. Messaging Sebastian Gorka as he acts as all politicians do to end a disruptive demonstration, and continues the left outreach we see from Burke by referring to “Great President Ronald Reagan”. And certainly the Russian government is blameless. Marsha Blackburn and Jim Jordan and Elizabeth Warren and Michael McFall (victim of the greatest bombardment) will get right back at him any minute now. And thanks Larouche for any supposed line on, quote-in-quote “Putin moving into derangement“.

Curious to read just how Gene Simmons, Larouche enemy, will die.

Yeah, why doesn’t Biden send out the Larouchies to talk to Putin? 50 plus years of experience! (Come to think of it, just like Biden.). Interesting this, as I do see a splitting from the “conspiratorial right” in lining up behind Chas Freeman.

100 seconds to World Extinction!!! Unless total cooperation with Russia’s “denazification” of Ukraine commences. (Find fascist elements everywhere, right?) (The line embraced by the Larouchies, which belie the more legitimate geopolitical concerns Putin may have on “NATO on his front shore”.). Daniel Burke cheers on Russian Imperialism, to the point of cheering on the annexation of Venezuela and now it is basically a pile of sarcastic and snippy quips to politicos’ tsk tsking tweets.

Answering question 3…

LPAC tweets an aside about disproportionate media coverage of the Flat Earth Society. Curious — I somehow missed that coverage, beyond a smattering of amusement regarding nba player Kyle Irving.

*2014, actually. The British Empire’s operation to launch Jeb Bush’s presidential candidacy has to be shut down now, as fast as possible, Lyndon LaRouche stated today. And a reorganized Democratic Party, in the post-Obama period and with Bill Clinton playing a key leadership role, has to provide the crucial steps for the government to pull the United States, and the world, back from the brink of looming catastrophe. They did sideline Hillary from her 2008 perch, though: That also means that Hillary Clinton will be in no position to maintain her prospective candidacy in the Democratic Party. She will have to take her hat out of the ring, and leave the path clear for Bill Clinton to provide needed leadership for Democrats to regroup around a program for recover.

Someone who doesn’t know the Larouchies never left: Jesus fucking Christ on a stick! The LaRouche movement is back?! It must be the end times.

Dealing With Communists

Noting that the Larouche troll who a decade and change back occupied the comments section of this here blog denigrated commenters at factnet with “some are professed Marxists and Communists!” — The attempt to slide with some type of “Marxist – Lenists” reaches meme levels.

An element of two faced approach — Bad Cop / Good Cop — call the CP-USA as just a bunch of federal agents and… Urge them to let bygones be bygones to fight Malthus (fist fight forty years ago.). (Continuing the argument: . Howard Hunt was in jail for a few years after Watergate, mostly in a low-security “prison” at a USAF base. They have to make it look good. The LaRouche org raises a lot of red flags (but not those kind!), plus a Soviet journalist pegged them as CIA.)

Cataloging further anti communist lines of Larouche on to Maupin. My gut says “yes” to this: I’d speculate Maupin’s goal is to be the next LaRouche especially with the bankroll. Further — why does conspiracy theorizing land on that? My gut says — no, no “takeover attempt“.

Visions: If Trump had rallied the the U.S. Public in early-2017, when he had good approval, to exonerate LaRouche, and implement his four laws and his four powers dialogue, Trump would be able to counter his obstacles, including Russiagate. Uh huh.

An odd defense of China’s restrictive birth policy as something other than “Malthusian”: They were mostly about economic growth and poverty reduction, malthusianism is about ending population overshoot

Haz jumps in as only a cartoon super villain can to declare the demise of Marxist-Leninists.

And I guess this can be viewed as a victory message for the Larouchies: I hadn’t paid attention to any of them for several months but every person I know who is a proud self-described “tankie” is now loosely connected to the LaRouche organization and its spinoffs? Does anyone know what’s going on here?

And Paleo-alt rightists

Daniel Burke declares, off of China siding against the US as Putin’s Russia incurs into Ukraine.:

@JackPosobiec in shambles.

‘Cause he gets to determine.

Shuffling further against Trump, Burke photoshops @aimeeterese’s in a photo of him standing next to Pompeo, and whines She is ignoring my tweet and pretending it’s just Peter Coffin attacking her — which is the old trick by her in assessing levels of import and addressing the one with some level of heft.

The Progressive Socialist Party. The Ukrainians are scary nazis but they are also weak effeminate wokes. (rebuttal). (as for this: A little bit of a selective bias in crows, niche upon niche — Larouche fades completely from public consciousness compared with infomercial laden 1980s — those who still can pull out a reference to him did a deep enough dive to know of Plato v Aristotle.

Mike Gravel

Gravel Institute separates from the Larouchies, the former pointing out Putin’s territorial aggrandizement the latter not. I think I can guess the Larouchie explanation as LORG sets up their webcast — Gravel Institute taken over by Obamaniks and not representing the views of the deceased.

Now “nothing but liberals“.

To be sure, I do not know what is the deleted tweet.

Ben Deniston discovers … Hypocrisy?… In the “Occupy Democrats” Twitter feed from a 2016 declaration against Americans owning assault rifles as opposed to Ukrainians getting handed assault weapons — and… Praise. As a rule the terms of domestic policy are redefined in cases of military invasion… I assume that this liberal organization will shift its stance when Canada gets around to invading the USA.


Wondering where Webster Tarpley sides on Russia’s incursion into Ukraine, given he was a man who lead a pro-Putin march and advocated a Noble Peace Prize for Putin — while domestically he moved from the same anti – Obama pro – Hillary position taken by the Larouche Movement, so was able to chastise the Larouchies for briefly siding with Obama before they turned back vehemently against and then later before Tarpley became firmly for the Democratic Party and against Trump. Here it is: US media are blind to #Putin’s internal opposition, which is growing with nation-wide Navalny movement in streets & Ivashov-Savostyanov group among officers. Pensions cut, poverty up, population shrinking, 1 million covid deaths, despair. Vlad could follow Honecker, or Ceausescu-

Then there is further back with Larouche and Tarpley calling Russian ambition a creation of a “Third Rome“. See blast of past fights, contradicting current stances, here.

Hinge point somewhat here: Prokhanov “compared Russia’s failed coup in Odessa to the Holocaust, an anti-Semite invoked the mass murder of Jews to justify an offensive war. On July 5, given the certainty that the Ukrainian Army was going to defeat him, Girkin took the step that Putin had recommended: he turned the local population into a human shield.” For Antyufeyev, Girkin’s successor, the “wishes of the people of the Donbass” were fighting a Satanic West”. The Russian invasion of Ukraine was “self-defense” against the “alliance of EU-US Freemasons and Ukraine fascists”, Ukraine being “the focus of the world anti-Russian conspiracy”. the war, he turned to Dugin, who advised the crucifixion strategy. The image of a murdered child “would make Russia the Jesus Christ of the nations” and the war is the response to “diabolical cruelty”. Prokhanov continued the propaganda campaign, stating that “fascism was a substance outside world dissolute that threatened the virginal organism that was Russia (…) The supreme culprits were Obama and Merkel, who smelled of burnt meat”. A text written by an anti-Semite fascist using the burning of the Jews in the Holocaust to justify the Russian invasion . Zaldostanov took the same stance when talking about the invasion. “He linked the existence of Ukraine to that of the German invasion of the USSR.” “Russia needed a monopoly on martyrdom, and to keep it she was willing to go to war against another nation.” In August, the narrative of the Great Patriotic War was staged through the 200th Infantry Motorized Brigade, entered Luhansk with Stalinist iconography. That month, Sergei Glazyev opened a conference on “anti-fascism” in Salta with Dugin, Prokhanov, with NS such as Roberto Fiore from FN,Michel Ataka’s Pavel Chernev, Jobbik’s Marton and BNP’s Nick Griffin. “Russian and European fascists discussed the possibility of founding an anti-fascist council.” This is the consequence of seeing fascism as “being anti-Russian” and the ultimate proof of Russia’s hypocrisy. In Germany, a new party began to emerge that was showered with computer and media support by Russia, the AfD, which “was going to become the darling of Moscow.” The idea of ??a new “Cold War” was the brainchild of the Izborsk Club, which “turned attacks on homosex. in a great confrontation against a world superpower for the state of civilization”. This “New Cold War” theme is what Marine Le Pen and Richard Spencer spread in interviews with RT.”. The European and American extreme right propagated the affirmation Russian officer that the protests on the Maidan were Western.” Piskorski, the neo-pagan Polish NS who went to Crimea as an observer claimed that the Maidan was pushed by the US, Strache of the FPÖ blamed the Western secret services and Jobbik blamed the US Ron Paul, paleoconservative he even quoted Glazyev, despite the fact that he was a fascist who defended a model of central planning of the economy. Ron Paul, following the line of Hans Hermann Hoppe and Korwin-Mikke, assured that “the US government has carried out a coup in Ukraine.” London laRouche, leader of a crypto-Nazi sect, also followed Glazyev’s speech, claiming that there was an “international Jewish oligarchy” collaborating with the liberal-sponsored Russian genocide. Cohen spread the lie that the Government of Ukraine had described. the “rebels” as “subhuman”. The deputy editor of The Guardian, Seumas Milne, repeated the Russian line by saying that “extreme right-wing nationalists and fascists have been the drivers of the protests” invalidating the fight of the Ukrainians in Maidan against the oligarchy. This message from a “left-wing” media outlet went viral and was repeated ad nauseam by the “anti-imperialist left”, which should be called the Vladimir Putin left, for his constant defense of Russian imperialism until today, when Kyiv is bombed […] For Dugin, the “annexation of the Ukrainian territory by Russia was the “necessary condition for the Eurasian imperial project” Sergei Glazyev, an adviser to Putin, a reader of Gumiliov and Schmitt and a member of the Izborsk Club, contacted LaRouche

The Chinese Media appearances of Helga receives its rave reviews: Dude, #CGTN The HUB digs up Helga Zapp-Laroche as “security expert” (3 laughter emoticons). Dude. What does Mr. LaRouche actually do?

David Goldman Brags….

I wrote the memo for NSC in 1983 arguing that SDI would pay for itself with civilian spinoffs–I’ve been a Cold Warrior for 40 years.

Comedy Bronze

i’ve started to enter my citations into my dissertation so i suppose that i’m close to finishing??? however, it’s probably more likely that i’ll just keep on revising my larouche chapter until they throw me out of the theory centre

Point: 0 days without larouche being vindicated. Counterpoint: 12,116 days without LaRouche being exonerated.

LaRouche Coordinated Engineered Business Capitalist Obscure Soulist Presidency Underground.

find it difficult to get mad at the LaRouche people who doesn’t have a list of mega-mega-infrastructure projects they would like to implement given unlimited funding and resources?

Of note: Standing behind Combes is Kevin Annett, a controversial defrocked United Church Minister, who has been disseminating the stories of Combes and others about the residential schools for about 25 years. One of these stories, recounted by Annett, claimed that Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip took a group of students from the Kamloops Indian Residential School (KIRS) on a picnic and then abducted them. Thorough fact-checking has shown that the Royals did not even travel to Kamloops in 1964.

Who the fuck is Lyndon Larouche?” – William Blake

LYM stands for–?

Pinky and The Brain, they’re Pinky and The Brain

Pierce would be using every curse and slur he could think of at DeLeon and LaRouche would accuse Debs of being a homosexual secretly under the payroll of the Rothschilds.

Playing bingo with the 8th period Global II class today! All we discuss in every single class all year is the restoration of Glass-Steagall.

I need people from The Schiller Institute to confirm whether or not they cryogenically froze Lyndon Larouche and sent him to outer space to return and govern over the world at the turn of the millenia. This is very important to me.

me explaining Larouche to a classicist friend of mine who did her thesis on Aristotle

Random funny movie idea: Xi’s daughter runs away from Harvard to organize for LaRouche and refuses to return until everyone in China subscribes to LaRouche’s newsletter.


My parents were rabid Lyndon Larouche followers,and anti dentistry, they bought some crap he sold about Novocaine causing drug dependency, so when I was seven and had a rotten tooth in my mouth that was making classmates gag from the smell…

A bunch of LaRouche youths once burst into a Butterworth graduate seminar and were summarily run off. “I’ve seen LaRouche youth… harass students and preach the benefits of high speed rail. But you have no right to call me a podcaster. You have a right to kill me. You have a right to do that… but you have no right to call me a podcaster.”

I knew a Greek guy in college who went from being a Larouchist to being a Trumpist/Golden Dawn fascist. I ran into some of their literature at the University of Pittsburgh in 2004. It was full of conspiracy theories about Dick Cheney and the “Sexual Congress for Cultural Fascism”. It cured me of ever wanting to be a LaRouchie because I don’t want to think about anything that has the words “Dick Cheney” and “sexual” in it. One of his organizers yelled at me on campus in 2004 because I wouldn’t sign the petition to get him on the ballot in TN.

I remember my first Lyndon LaRouche ad for “Independent Democrats” on TV. I was in 7th grade. It confused me as to who the lunatic was, what the party was, and why it was playing during a show I presumably liked. In the early 80s, I worked in an NYC building that also housed a LaRouche office. They used to paper the neighborhood with wacko posters – one read, “I know Mondale’s running for president, but who do heterosexuals vote for?” Yes, this brand of weapons-grade lunacy is back. I think it was 1984. Laroche campaigners handing out bumper stickers that read, “I know Mondale is running, but who do heterosexuals vote for?” That’s when I started paying attention to politics. LaRouche’s political thought was dense and squirrelly. A frequently recurring theme was his own brilliant, wide-ranging intellect and grasp of the weighty issues of our time. God, there’s a name from Hell: Lyndon LaRouche. My cousin’s wife had his team calling me forever. Hard to get rid of. When I was in college 40+ years ago LaRouchies distributed a paper called New Solidarity. I learned that the Queen of England was the devil, and Henry Kissinger was dying of AIDS. And string trios were morally superior to string quartets due to harmonic intervals or some such. I used to get LaRouche literature in my mailbox regularly in grad school. This is literally a good description of it. I recall my high school social studies teacher referring to him as Lyndon LaDouche. Snicker… Way before my time Lyndon LaRouche graduated from the same H.S in Lynn MA that my father & I did. What an honor. Father may have known him but he’s no longer around for me to ask about it. Didn’t LaRouche run for POTUS 1 year from federal prison? Ha! Forgot all about LaRouche. I remember seeing the LaRouche guys at the airport with their table set ups. Engaged them once about something and almost immediately they started harping on the way my mother must have raised me. We STILL have LaRouche-niks who occasionally pop-up their wacky brochure sidewalk table on the commercial district a couple streets over.

This is the sort of sign that one expects to see on a stand selling jerky at one of the local gun shows. Likely next to the one selling ten-gallon tubs of pickles. The gun shop is actually down the road ;). Just as long as no one sets up a LaRouche stand nearby, you’re good. ;). He was a perennial candidate for president in the US from the 70s until he kicked the bucket a few years ago. Started off in Socialist Workers party, then Labor, then Democrats By the end he was doing little but spouting racism and conspiracy theories to his cult-like followers. For some reason his lunatics would set up a table at the local gun show each year. Which everyone else present would try to pretend didn’t exist in the hopes that not making eye contact would prevent the individuals manning it from trying to get you to sign their petitions

Anyone remember the Larouchies showing up on the fringes of any antiwar march of the early 90’s? Haven’t thought of them in a while.

I am reminded of the time decades ago someone spreay painted the following on a bridge in PGH: Kill Satan Free Larouche Someone came along and added 1. Buy milk 2. 3.

Thinking more about this, the first political memory of something that made me think (if terrified = thinking) was one of the 1984 LaRouche broadcasts.

That time a LaRoucher CC’ed me on a series of emails to Lin Wood

I know I pinned a CC answer of my political views last night, but another, more concise way of describing my politics is that I am the epitome of the “bad guy” if you follow Lyndon LaRouche.

when I was a kid I was a geek interested in fusion. I learned about Larouche, since for some reason he was a fan of fusion. I went to my dad and said this Larouche guy seems cool, he promotes fusion. my dad smiled and told me to do some more research about him and oh man.


France votes: Left populist Kuzmanovic, who has gained the support of France’s LaRouche movement, a communist ideology that promotes various conspiracies

Both the left populist Kuzmanovic (supported by the conspiratorial LaRouche movement) and the classical liberal Koenig are over 30 signatures. Up to 40. 50. Wait — 45 now? just under 50.

Yeah, but what do Americans think of France and why?

… “Ex-French Presidential Candidate” provides enough legitimacy for Sputnik News to bring him on and spill what Russia’s governments wants to hear. He is like Ahmad Chalabi. Noting the title.


Dateline Lockeford: Lockeford’s a small town. But how many sets of legs are there in that picture? Two?

I remember my mom bringing home some LaRouche magazine they were handing out outside the supermarket, back in the 70s. It was all about how the British royal family were these big drug kingpins who were flooding the U

Webcast Review: the worst Twitter space ever. And then more commentary: Still confused as to how it isn’t the US that is in charge of the “neoliberal empire.”. (yeah, the Brits were behind the American Civil War too.). And one bottom line. Please pay close attention to the credentials & origin of any @TwitterSpaces Hosts regarding #Ukraine. Jim Jatras focal point here.

Germany, hoping to get in on a populace economically tied to Russian oil.

Seeking support amongst Carnegie Hall attendees.

Coming to Austin.

And “intervening” at Trucker Con Americaif the past is prologue , they will be taken for qanoners — Yep they use to set up on front of the #PO in #Oradell with their pics of Obama as a Nazi Just sick twisted people They are not to be reasoned with I walked pass them and told them they were disgusting and anti American to which they immediately scoffed at me


Peter Coffin. Messianic Judaism. Benita Pederson. Caleb Maupin* — with quick stop at Carrot Top. Whatever this is. Nick Fuentes, in wink nod praise of Hitler. Zeitgeist memories. InfraHaz, and his failure to simply state what he means — name the Jews. Tulsi Gabbard (sure to note the shoulder tap out of tens of thousands of tweet responses.). WSWS. James Lindsay. Putin. Mike Lindell. Warren Mosler. Naomi Wolf. Carlos Castaneda. Radley Balko. James Lindsay reprise. Paul Gosar. JD Vance. Jane Clare Jones. The People’s Party and the Reform Party. (etc. etc.

Fact Check: He’s attacking Mike Gravel, not Larouche– who is merely a standard of measurement.

seems like a cult thing. LaRouchies only listen to classical music, Hare Krishnas only listen to That One Song, Bitcoin Nerds reject all music that isn’t accompanied by a monolog or dialog about how crypto isn’t as bad as people say.

* “Caleb Maupin has repeatedly stumped for Alexander Dugin and Lyndon LaRouche, and carried on their traditions of overt anticommunism, but he came on my podcast and said what I like so it’s chill”. There are no good streamers. Classic rationalizing of low podcast listenership comes here: The class interest of streaming/podcasting is fundamentally bourgeois-aligned. You can’t properly grow your audience without selling out (if you ever had good politics to sell out in the first place). Selling content to masses of Americans = selling bourgeois content. Stay pure — don’t trust anyone with more than three listeners! (more deliberating.)

Steve Bannon , competing a tad more with lpac than lorg.

Historical Purview


15 Minutes of Fascism concerns itself with the Canadian Truckers and Larouche.

Epstein conspiracies.

Richard Miller — prosecuted by Adam Schiff, met Larouche in prison.

Thom Hartmann dips up The October Surprise.

LA Times covers Verdi tuning.

Ginni Thomas’s dad.

Satanic Ritual Abuse hysteria.

Other conspiracy rabbit holes.

Fiona Hill continues being around, if not Cliff Gaddy.

Long list of the history of contradictions.

LaRouche argues that Robespierre was actually the first psyopped MKULTRA shooter through Danton and Marat, who were trained by William Pitt The Younger’s spy networks dedicated to creating French “anarchy,” to be used in a propaganda campaign against British populism

Podcast Review

Take your pick — listen to podcast file or watch/hear on youtube. Matt Ehret! Peter Myers! In the ring to debate… Um… Something or other — how many angels dance on the tip of the pin?

Suppose it is the inevitable problem in pinning down — “Queen who?”. And then –?

Brought to bear — the book is Scarlet and the Beast — A History of the War Between English and French Freemasonry — Valuable footnotes here, and…

262. Baigent and Leigh 266. Personal interviews with the Lyndon LaRouche campaign over a period of six years. Personal interviews with the Lyndon LaRouche campaign. LaRouche is a Grand Orient Freemason, who claims there are good Masons and bad Masons. Ben Franklin was a good Mason, says LaRouche. LaRouche also recognizes both Freemasonries, and says that the French style is good and the British wicked. He is bent on the destruction of English Freemasonry. See dossier on LaRouche in Appendix 1. 

Interestingly, writing for the website “Jew World Order” and rense dot com, Henry McKow has no problem giving attributes to both Larouche and this book that calls him a damned mason —

war is the latest in a step-by-step plan to enslave humanity. For example, the United Nations’ true character is revealed by the fact that the only religious chapel at its headquarters is run by a satanic cult, the “Lucis Trust.” The name was changed from Lucifer Trust to make the nature of the organization less conspicuous. For more background, see an online article by Lyndon LaRouche entitled The Real History of Satanism.

All Full of UKRAINE insta-Experts

The major news, right in the Larouche groupings’ wheelhouse — supporting Russian Imperialism as opposed to American Imperialism — we get a deeply cynical lauding of the coming puppet regime of a conquering Putin from the Ukrainian politico positioning herself for Russia’s favor:

Ukraine’s Natalia Vitrenko on Italian TV, accused a being a “traitor” sets the record straight: “Ukraine will not join NATO.” “This military operation will soon be over, we will have a new government and the situation will get better.

Putin engages in nuclear diplomacy, which I suppose is an effective weapon he has at his disposal for leverage when things do not go his way — cynical geopolitics, where Trump can declare him a genius — but hardly fits a definition of “moral”. WW3, ” thermonuclear war” — what else can be suggested for the reason the “warmongering Joe Biden” stops short of Ukrainian requests? Nay.

Stare at the fun house mirrors in these arguments.

Maybe, but not as weird as seeing Catholics encouraging Ukrainians to fight against the Russian army when a peaceful surrender would seem the more sensible and Christian thing to do.

Is this “render to Caesar what is Caesar” thing? I suppose the basis of his position at least admits the truth behind the situation — Did Jesus encourage his followers to revolt against the Roman occupiers of their land? I think the answer is no, but feel free to correct me with facts. — If it indeed like we up on this item in the “it’s not” list of historical analogies of Soviet invasions — It’s not 1968, when the independent Czech communist leader, Alexander Dubcek, told his people during the Prague Spring that they should submit to the invading Soviet forces to prevent bloodshed –

Actually, I do see more of the “Ukrainians gotta capitulate” argument, “like Vichy France” in the comments section in some posts at the American Conservative magazine. Respondents assume they are trolls.

LPAC got this for you!

There is not a sound means to determine what is happening on the ground in Ukraine.  All of what is reported to Americans by their media—all of it, and particularly by Fox, but also by OAN and Newsmax—is designed to woo you into the Security State’s propaganda narrative.  That narrative is simultaneously sowing the seeds of our own nation’s destruction.  The fact that there is such a blitzkrieg in nominally Republican outlets tells you how desperate the war mongers are to disorient and demobilize the Trump MAGA base.

The current full spectrum information warfare operation is a product of Hillary Clinton’s reign at the State Department

Attempt to wean the chosen constituency of the moment — Trump fans — off of their media choices, and from that point quickly shifts back to Democratic Party enemies.

Looking down the comments section of a triple digit viewed Harley Schlanger video, I get shipped to a fellow supporter of Putin actions, and stop over at a reasonably good “cold water on our newfangled Russia hawks” realist analysis (Noting that events transpire past his analysis even as gist holds), but beyond that one does have to appreciate such Nationalistic/Jingoistic Russian comments as Russia never starts wars. Russia stops them. My head spins. But at least that commenter has an excuse — as opposed to this dopey statement.

Regular Twitterer shouter of “larouchie derived!” messages to any knocks on “political correctness” dives in at weird message claiming that “Putin is spiritually protected” — whatever else that is, is not a Larouchie message, and cites it as Larouchie. Though, it does represent an obvious drifting target.

The headwinds of the Larouchies at the moment:

6 percent of Americans said that Russia was “justified in making the claim that Ukraine should be reclaimed by Russia and no longer be a sovereign territory,” while 86 percent said this was not justified, including 91 percent of Republicans, 92 percent of Democrats and 83 percent of independents.

Fine, though, as in addition to opposing “geopolitics” — whilst arguing for a different geopolitical arrangement — I recall the Kesha Rogers campaign opposing “public opinion” — theoretically while seeking the public to vote for her.

A majority of Americans (57 percent) think the steps that the Biden administration has taken to punish Russia for the invasion of Ukraine are not tough enough, while 29 percent say they are about right, and 3 percent say they are too tough.

Try to get the message that the sanctions represent mass slaughter across in that environ.

A reminder that their chief client is the Chinese government, as opposed to Russia, and the goal becomes “main character ing China”.

Predictions for the West in the early to mid stages of the coming Multipolarity.

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