silly season commencing

Speaking as someone who defended Marco Rubio’s swig of water…

For the record, I heard “Uranian”. And this is a time where I would want to see a graph for social media on ” uranian” v “iranian”. In the old days of blogs, this charting was easy — now, someone needs to point me to something.

Typing the phrase in google, I get the two definitions — “imaginary inhabitan of the planet Uranus” — as opposed to an actual inhabitant, I suppose — and “a homosexual” — I guess derived out of uranus.

The official line from the Biden white house is “uranian”. A natural flub by the stutterer in chief. And then an assist by the vice president behind him mouthing the word with a ” k” inserted into it. As it were, I do see some right wing commentary that “the president using ‘Iranian’ does not inspire confidence. Understand, we have a president who is… older than preferable… But nonetheless I fail to see it mattering. I see the conspiratorial site of note highlighting the Harris mouthing part — which, I gather is not anything Biden could take note of, so fulfilling the ” puppeteer” role line sort of falls flat.

But never mind. Throw it into the pile of partisan debris that accumulated with each president, and works as shorthand. As soon as everyone determines which word he choked onto.

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