Occasionally I hit up something if a hiccup in relatively throw away details provided by foreign media describing historical domestic political considerations affecting foreign policy affecting geopolitcs. I am not sure whether the writer knows what they are talking about, or just filling things in kind of rotely. Try the penultimate paragraph of this article.

On top of that, Clinton, Kohl and the others spent years rejecting NATO membership for Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Such an expansion was viewed as too expensive, the fledgling democracies in those countries appeared too fragile and their militaries were too reactionary. But then, the reform process in Russia slowed and distrust began to grow. And the Republicans, for their part, realized that the issue of expanded NATO membership was useful for scoring political points against Clinton. Many Americans with Eastern European roots lived in the decisive swing states in the Midwest. Leading Clinton to ultimately decide to expand the alliance.

Moving a tad against my generalized understanding of where the most pronounced isolationist sentiment comes in — who stands against NAFTA or the UN, for instance. I wish to know — which state’s Senate contest in 1996 was threatening to get unglued if Clinton failed to appease the Poles or Czechs?

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