prepare the primaries

In the perpetual silly season of American politics, and entering a year that — likely — Biden will not have a day of favorable approval rating, three great possible primary scenarios for 2024 spring up.

One: Prepare yourself for the great Kamala Harris versus Peter Buttigieg primary. Should Biden look at himself, say “Damnedit, I’m old”, so retire to the night, the Democrats then throw out these two wondrous superstars of American politics. I suppose weirder figures have emerged from prior political impotence — Harris’s 2020 presidential candidacy resembles Biden’s 2008 in terms of electoral success. Buttigieg is harder to figure — the line on his campaign is he seemed to just be pilfering Obama’s campaign rhetoric to notably lesser effects t — does not meet a historical moment and such things appeared shop-worn.

Two: So, staring at the abyss, maybe just maybe — only Hillary might save the day. Let’s roll her out one more time. Hey! Did you catch her fantasy acceptance speech! And I suppose weirder multiple political defeats have emerged to grab the price. See… Biden again.

Three: Someone’s going to run against Biden in the Democratic primary! Sure. Someone always does. William Weld won a delegate in 2020’s Republican nomination — not confirmed at the convention. The Democrats get some embarrassing results from lesser figures for those paying attention — Obama with an embarrassing batch of Appalachian and Ozark counties arrayed for mullet headed felons and goofy hermits. They end up not counting in this politico report — which instead looks to… Um… The big Marianne Williamson threat. Maybe she can sneak out the county where Mahriusha University is located? Why they make her a figure competing in 1980 Ted Kennedy or 1976 Ronald Reagan or even 1982 Pat Buchanan fashion as against the batch who bring scrambled holes in the Democratic map — I do not know.

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