I suppose one can always find antecedents, ifnot equivalencies or degrees, toward actions made by the President. Or at least many of them. At rge moment we see Trump “tearing apart the Republican Party” (as the reporting analysis goes) in tweet-storms about his Republican leaders not backing him up, for not moving along with the overturning of Biden’s election.

The new territory is the move of the Overton Window — we now have a stop block of a Democratoc House if all pressure points slide apart, but where does this take us in a hypothetical split election (1996, 2012… 1988…)?

But the more pendantic issue of a President moving against those in his party he feels did not go to the mat for him or back him… Well, see tge Clintons’ primary campaigning in (post 2010 census) 2012 based on wjo pledged their support in the 2008 primary against Obama. I suppose the stakes of what loyalty demands gets more extreme, but it is still just an id factor.

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