The fading luster of the nfc east

The once exciting “race to the botton” nfc east race ceased to be all that interesting. The Giants beat the Seahawks and the “Football Team” beat the Steelers, meaning the division was coming up with victories over good teams. The promise of the “nfc east as a joke” race was in shaving as close to them beatimg only themselves and the Bengals as could be, and in having multiple division last place teams besting them all.

As it were, the division is about to finish with a record of 23 – 40 – 1. Not really any drop-off from last season’s 24 – 40. Both are better than the NFC West of 2008, of a 22 – 42 record (if an unlikely superbowl appearance). And the 2014 NFC South — another one of the losing record division winners — comes in at 22 – 41 – 1. The 2008 afc west gets to 23 – 41. On that score, they are not the worst division ever, and so longer interesting.

I suppose the only real way we can break new ground is with the strange possibility of the Giants getting in at 6 – 10 — that will happen if they beat the Cowboys and the Eagles beat the Football Team. I guess not likely, given the Eagles have declared they are benching players galore — though then again the Football Team has qb questions. The most likel outcome does get us that curiosity of a now successful team to cheer on in the playoffs… With a… Minimalist name, very avante garde.

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