Animating the conspiratorials

Go over to the website for Alex Jones’s media — where they war against information as apparently they are leaving prisonplanet to rot — and here is the poll they throw at you.

What Message Will You Bring Home To Family This Christmas?
Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.
Joe Biden is a Chicom puppet and China is taking control of America.
Trump won the election – BIG TIME!
Covid is a pretext to lock us down permanently and steal our civil liberties.

I suppose it may be connected to their linking of a bbc article on “how to talk to your conspiracy theorist relative” — ends with a rye link to a bbc article regarding Epstein which supposes their line on Pedophiles controlling pizza jointsand Trump is exposing it any day now –no explanation how.

Nowhere linked is the story that we do have this handful of voter frauds, single digit accounts and Trump votes. To be fair (more fair than deserved), it wouldn’t negate the widespread deep state and RINO coordinated claim, though it does go to something I note in twitterland and bottom half of the Internet line when commenters state “I am sure there are, in this vast country and large vote load, cases of vote fraud” to a Trumpist belief that “goalpost is being moved”. Scratch your head at this willful skewering …

but then again..

How does this argue against the need for masks? Disgusting! Woman Uses Face Mask to Pick Up Dog Poop — Before Putting It Back on Face. I suppose everyone ought agree you ought not do that, but the behaviorial problem comes in the dual use, and return to first use after that second usage.

And a Bush era Jones woulda been right there with just who Trump has pardoned. Today I guess you should go to Kurt Nimmo.

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