Ghosts of the Past in Georgia

Sarah Palin is in Georgia, repeating Donald Trump on the campaign trail, for the two Republican senators. The pedigree for the two politicos is interesting enough: Palin, I see, appeared in one of the big (pre Covid) Reality tv show moments of the year: revealed as a singer on the masked celebrity singing show — and, I guess, rapping at that.

Trump has probably proven to be too culturally toxic and divisive to slide into such a post political career, though that may just be due to him having been four years in power.

On the Senate races in Georgia, it is worth pointing out that were the Democrats to win — the total results of the election now align in total, up and down the ballot to… Very narrow Biden win, House seats not falling beyond a few points of the presidential contest, and Senate races only doing so in Maine and Montana, and Maine being the only US Senate race result that differed from the top line. The calling out from Trump dead enders about a supposed split not adding up fails on the quickest of looksees.

I suppose the next story comes in seeing where the two partoes campaign — the Republicans everywhere but Atlanta”; the Democrats — probably still weighing how close they need to dip to the Alabama border with dog saturated ads. Then again, the tale of Lyndon Johnson’s campaign on behalf of John Kennedy had the Johnsons “daring to go to the real South of Savvanah” … not just urban Atlanta

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