Everyone keeps leaving out Walter Judd from the “Debs and Larouche” list..

Ice Cube‘s tweet promoting a new music video, and if you are Lucero, running to complete Kamala Harris’s term, you chime in with a big ask…
Messsge me sir, my Senate campaign would like to meet with you ASAP. Much respect!
Since deleted, after responding to skepticism with…

That is also just the LATEST I have been involved in. I was PERSONALLY recruited to politics by L. H. LaRouche, Rev James Bevel, and the legendary Amelia Boynton Robinson in 1993. I then spent 15 yrs organizing in 25 different states. Obama should be envious.

For a snotty response “I don’t care if you helped Michael Jordan win a championship.”. (Say… where were you with Fulani?)

II. In all the election fraud dot connecting
And where Larouche is now referenced as scam artist to be emulatedor… with some irony
(Odd reference point.)

The ” Convicted Trump can run … Eugene Debs and Larouche ran” line gets one more name… Keith Judd. Nice catch! Interesting item here regarding his closest thing to a political triumph:
Judd, who did not qualify for any other primary ballots, contested the ballot count, alleging that ballot workers suppressed the actual total (which he said showed him in the lead) in an effort to cover up an Obama loss.
Another candidate… 2004’s Peace and Freedom Party nomination of Leonard Peltier.

III. Now appearing with the MAGA true-believers. (even though he is dead year and a half on). for a response of brush up on history.

What’s the thing with the British Empire? I saw similar signs in San Francisco about ten years ago, which seemed odd back then.. Have to find your stamp. Like Icke with the lizards, when you see lizard you know it is Icke… When you see the Queen, you know you have Larouche.
Then again, the two get entangled in people’s mind.

One tweet by one member of the ” Biden cheated ” right with a message to fellow protesters, regarding China.
You will have to listen to Bard’s Logic interviewing Obama era Larouchesuperstar Kesha Rogers on the stolen electipn and creation of a one party state (pretty unsuccesdful if that is the case, given how well the Republicans not named Teump did… Unless it is the Democratic Republican duoploly as one party and Trump as another party –) to decide if this China issue can be reconciled.

IV. one recollection of post offices.
a good way to meet chicks.. (oddly not a solo thought.)
one in the neighborhood.
dodged a bullet in college avoiding the lure of singing and math.
in the day.
one old guy hanging around the Student Union
fighting the Ruskies at the airport.
the same with addition of Jane Fonda.
a brief adide to Jeb Bush

Flipping meanings on heavy handed Star Trek Voyager political messages.
Curious commentary: I have to say, of all the rabbit holes to go down, I was not expecting to go down the one about Robert Beltran being a supporter/friend of Lyndon LaRouche.
I am not altogether opposed to the argument on current Star Trek moving into heavy handed politics, excepting that… Er… That was always the case. Leaving aside this debate… How do you drop Beltran as Larouchie into an argument for either political point?

savage with nunchunks over jazz
From what point do you consider the schismic splits of political sects? And is “gothmarxist” showing coalition building or an example of said? A historical review of the Larouchies’ place in schisms. (Probably now better fit for this group to merge and divide.
powerhouse in its own. (Occupy Ohio a big financial boon?)

Can’t argure with that logic.. Hey, get behind Ron Paul and NEVER see any real change made. LaRouche and many of his people served years in Federal Prison. Why? Because they were legit.

As for this comment on Alex Jones films being full of Larouche alumni, Tarpley is long gone.

V. novel explainer for Sidney Powell,

VI. Ximura Consulting LLC is a strategy and consultancy firm with expertise in Community Development.
Consulting with Larouche, it seems.
Many a job applicant.

VII. 23 signatures to the Schiller Institute’s call for …Committee for the Coincidence of Opposites (Coincidentia Oppositorum) … Which will hold to the legacy of Nicholas of Cusa, a man who fmously stood in opposition toward all coincidences.
How this correlates with Harley Schlanger’s enemy — — The Children of Darkness — I dunno. (I will have to watch the video to see if it relates to the Chemey era “Children of Satan”.)
One way of looking at it.

Speaking of circling the squares…
Pretending Trump’s four year posture on Iraq, and Iran, is anything other than what it was.

VIII. Philip Martin extrapulates the import of Larouche on current political dysfunction.
. I talked to him a couple of times in the ’80s, and he never broke character. He knew a lot and could read a room. There was nothing coherent about his political philosophy–swinging wildly from far-left to far-right positions from moment to moment–but he understood there were people out there desperate to have the confusion of the world explained away.
The problem is the world can’t be explained. And the more we know, the less we are able to believe.

Hey. An anti-Trump Larouchie!

IX. Diane Sare’s Senate campaign plucking up a lefty libertarian cause. We note Trump floated a Snowden pardon, and we note that he appears far down any list.

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