Completed more passes than you ever did

The Legend of Taysom Hill met the Legend of Kendall Hilton to produce, apparently, the worst professional football game since the 1920s.

And Hilton goes down into lore — that time during the once in a century pandemic the league forced the benching of all four qbs on the Denver Broncos’ roster forcing the team to pluck out … Whoever on the team has played any quarterbacking since high school.

If the league had a sense of humor they would have forced the Broncos to a sign up of Colin Kaepernick. (Apparently not allowed, the league was punishing the Broncos… Though, that would be why they would force them to sign him.

November 28, 2020, all four Broncos quarterbacks were ruled ineligible to play against the New Orleans Saints the following day due to COVID-19 pandemic protocols, so Hinton was elevated to the active roster as an emergency quarterback option for the team. Hinton subsequently completed one pass out of nine attempts for 13 yards, two interceptions, and a 0.0 passer rating as the Broncos lost 31–3.

Or: maybe:
It sounded like it would be fun, like when the Colts famously had to plug in running back Tom Matte at QB in the 1960s. But I worried it would be a slog and an embarrassment, and that is what that game was. It was one of the NFL’s worst moments. They’ll be writing about this decision forever

Well, he does to take a spot in one of these lists, though probably will get referenced more along the lines of Edie Gaedel.

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