the internet… Still not monetized. The bubble isabout to burst.

Biden’s gonna win in Nebraska.
… The case for why it may be “pivotal”… “it’s been one crazy year”

Trump wanted to show off a Superman shirt, because, uh

Behind the latest Hunter Biden allegation.
now set up for entry one in of those “Biden Death List” to occupy the farther right.

When Malcolm X met with the kkk

our politics as the tv show The Prisoner

The search for the Christian groups behind the corporations behind the Washington football team’s name change.

Why is everyone so upset over the polygamy?

months of anti-police protests this summer sometimes turned to looting and arson, and Malley said there were some armed extremists on the left. But he emphasized that the real concern came from the right, where violent messaging had already produced deadly results.… Er, brushing right past that left wing violence while mentioning some of it.

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