Daniel Burke never at war with eurasia

I was trying to find a couple ad images that I see popping up from Trump’s re-election campaign, “make america great pac” or maybe from Trump’s campaign itself. One is “Trump versus Antifa”, which I take to be a theme with which Trump hopes to gain traction. The more pertinent one here has that slogan “Biden is weak on China”. Which, we see that theme hereabouts.

Meanwhile, wasn’t there once a group called the “Club for Life”, which woulda criticized or opposed such Chinese state policies?

Number Two: A foe has passed on… rip Lester Grinspoon. Nixon didn’t like him, and neither did Larouche.

A “friend” … Or “co-thinker” distances himself and calls Larouche a Freemason and Hapsburg – Rothschild spy for the EU. (He is also a self described victor over larouche – tarpley.) Ironic, as Larouche convinced the multitudes he was against the Hapsburgs— but such is the dealings of a double agent.

Andrew Woods also has a clarification to not use Larouchian explanations on what he wrote.

Number Three: Ron Wieczorek breaks in his take on a matter that is surely a hot topic around the water cooler with South Dakota farmers, Sweden’s closing of the Olof Palme investigation.
(Not too much coverage in the USA, though the Washington Monthly had an article, eliciting broadly speaking the same comment responses I would expect from South Dakota farmers.
Why of any relevance to Larouche: Early supects and persons of interest and the sea of inflammatory rhetoric the cult put out on Palme at the time.
Certain irony in this conspiratorial website praising. (Ignore the misspelling of the name, and common mistake of not placing “former”).

Deanna Wieczorek has suggestions for Trump, none of which appears to interest him. (even as the masses mobilize.)

Y’know… It strikes me that I am not seeing the Larouche movement go to bat for Trump appointments who are criticized for speaking at some Larouche conferences in the past. William Perry Pendley can’t be a cause?
Or are we just dumping 21st Century Science and Technology into the dust heap of history?

Number Four: What do you suppose Queen Elizabeth would have done had it been Lyndon Larouche?
Anyways, the ever controversial and acerbic President what he thinks of the lady. We will find out if it alters their rhetoric.

Number Five: So we see Charles Kirk weigh in on Plato v Aristotle, and twitterers note the Hey!. Larouche did it already. If differences abound.
Debate? Or is it enough they are both on Team Trump?
One bottom line on the Larouchian contribution to this debate. and another. if differently.
(Was this the company he kept?. (Or this?). action figures?. The Office?

Number Six. For anyone interested in election minutiae, a map for countywide 3rd place tallies in the 1988 presidential election. And analysis / guess-work on why Larouche “carried” Iowa.
Statistical pointlessness. (How does this video game work?

Be sure to map out these candidates’ results.

Lame Claim to Fame, a 2004 party at the home of Larouche.
And what do the kids think of Larouche?

Today we find bots randomly spitting out lpac fec report data and people marvelling over said fec data. We do see photos of overpass signs and a gathering of three (or was it four?) somewhere or other, so thete is that.

Number Seven: First thing that popped into some twitterers upon the smashing of the Pike statue: Hey!. Remember? Lyndon Larouche? Huh?.
(To be sure, the two are following seperate historical understandings.). Though, these were the political aims.
And curious: Who suggested the idea to whom?

Interesting to see Matthew Sweet disparage “cancel culture” with reference to Larouche, which — with other allusions to Trump supporters and parts of the gop to the cult, presents a great deal of alienation for the left and right.
(See the somewhat dishonest rejoinder regarding a Matt Taibbi editorial. Granted, Larouche inc took it to probing Angela Davis… And is now prone to the rhetorical bombast “Get their knee off of Larouche’s Neck”. (Classy).

I believe they have the culprits behind the “Next Step” wrong. But maybe the rcp took the name too.

Here’s another new book which apparently plugs the larouche memo generator.

Number Eight: Assessing news sources.

When last we saw Sean Stone in these parts, he had served as a laison to bring first Jeffrey Steinberg and then Lyndon Larouche onto Alex Jones, despite a few disparaging comments between them previously. Now we see Dennis Speed on the Stone podcast, pumping up a statue which Fredrerick Douglas reportedly had private misgivings regarding even as he was beginning to become more reverent to Lincoln as a political aim to goad the Republican Party at the time as of moved away from Reconstruction.

Michael Billington does Iran’s Press TV, happy to play two sides against the middle, probably wouldn’t be happy with Evan Siegal’s request.

Jacques Cheminade does China.

Helga made noise about the Daily Coin running an eleven year video of Lyndon. To which begs the question… What is The Daily Coin?

EIR vs Spiked, regarding apes and primates. Of course, it needs to be pointed out, primates were very much on Larouche’s mind during the Obama administration.

Bards Logic for Blog Talk Radio brings Bob Ingraham to you.

Number Nine: Triggering memories of Boston usedta happens.
lost youth photo.
Is there some sort of plaque.
Airport Memories.

Memories of Temple U. did this tp a larouche table, fondly lol.
What was Noam Chomsky up to in 1976?. (Same thing as instrumental classical musicians, I guess.
How to handle canvassing larouchies.

1986 saw people waving Larouche in circle with line crossed out sign. Well, they were pedfling Soviet propaganda.

Number Ten: Fresh off of recording Christian themed music with Kenny G — because he’s just trolling everyone now — and now… Because he announced a presidential run, Kanye West gets to be called the next Lyndon Larouche.

KW Miller, congressional candidate in Florida. Absent a Beyonce conspiracy thepry no one woulda paid him any mind. Would they?. Is the other stuff enough to get him noticed?.

Scott Adams garnered a small handful of “heh heh just like larouche” comments.

And beyond that it is the old standbys of public figures.

Number Eleven
Land bridge ideas, train routes, etc etc etc handed in college.

what happens after the org corners the market on politico with hitler mustache, like the South Park episode “Simpsons Already Did It”.

“outsider artstrange company

Number Twelve: The thing is, Dennis King or Chip Berlet would agree with the sentence by Alan Osler. Just short of this. (hm), hm,
Actually, the time has come at long last to fact check this cartoon. He brought up Luxemberg favorably when courting the Tea Party in 2009- 2010, so how would it all change in 2045?
In the meantime, it does dawn on me that I too see more RCP material about than Larouchian these days. Wheat-pasted on bridges, mainly.

Good for acid trips?

Number Thirteen. The requisite Senate candidate round-up coverage in the news media, representative most of what will come in the newspapers. In social media… Well, The Daniel Burke Senate campaign impresses and impresses and embracing that Simpsons joke. Still needs work on photoshopping together memes, thoigh.
And any day now, having commuted the Roger Stone sentence, Trump will move to doing whatever it is the larouchies think he should do for Lyndon. (Skip to the last sentence William Jones has here, and… Erm… Not only does Larouche “require no pardon”, bit it is an impossibility.)
If Trump doesn’t “exonerate Larouche”, after taking his step with Stone … Well, I guess Burke will sadly announce he was a Chump for Trump.
Apparently taking a page from Lindsey Graham — who endorsed Ted Cruz’s presidential bid even after saying some horrible comments — Burke has called on Rand Paul to join the Larouche Movement even after Larouche called him a “Nazi” and “Enemy of Civilization”. But maybe Burke is just trying to create political distance from Larouche? AS it were, we will see any day now, Rand Paul join the Larouche Movement… Any Day Now…

Number Fourteen. Larouche versus Chapo Felix, because Larouche ceased watching entertainment with The Man From Uncle, or whatever… And moved onto creating his own realness.
Now waiting for the moment in an ultimate battle and apparently with alliances of conveniences to spare.

But… He hobnobbed with spooks.

Raise your hand if you knew that there was a “Larouche Citizens Committee of Mexico, which seems to send out press releases from Leesburg (or is it Germany these days?) with “Open Letter to Lopez Obradar” written above it. It seems to be part of a renewed focus on “Ibera-America”, as we see the org now pumping routine diplomatic comments between Trump and Obradar.

Number Fifteen: The AVP reports Larouche as the source of a popular in leftwing circles notion that Israel originated “Deadly Exchange” on interactions of police tactics with the war versis Palestinians.
Prompting this rejoinder.

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