Stupid Times

In the distant past, a different decade, I heard a caller to Clyde Lewis make the com!ent along the lines of … “We are horrified by Nazi propaganda dehumanizing Jews as rats, but we watch Cops, and … What is the difference?”. Granted, Mr. Lewis did not state the premise, but he did not deny it and may indeed have mildly affirmed it. I think of this in hearing Clyde Lewis more recently decry the cancellation of the series … No longer Fox, but some network called Paramont…
Watching some old Letterman, with the David Letterman superfan archivist who slices a lot of themed segments together on youtube, so I have all the small commentary he did on the show Cop Rock. He had his mom watch and do a call-in review, which found her rating it negatively and instead opting for the network series “Top Cop”, aired on CBS at the time which spot lighted positive heroic acts of police officers. It strikes me that if it were released today, there may just be an audience… For a moment, at least.

The local alt weekly’s “Ask Mr. Expert” column coveted some Orwellian territory in sliding aside the phrases “abolish the police” to having an entirely different definition of the phrase — and then coming down to the very glib item of sarcasm that we will still have some available for white people “in the unlikely event a serial killer are after you”. As though this were the end all issue of why one needs the police.

As were, local city council politics finds the black city council woman using the phrase “performative allyship” to decry the white city council woman for a no vote on a 13 percent cut in the police burea budget as not being deep enough. That is the left wing term; the right wing term is “virtue signallimg”. The non nonpartisan term is “pandering”. Decry Chloe Eudaly however you must.

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