Contradictions in silly season

Over the weekend, I noted a few articles collected at yahoo regarding speculation, rumors, sorta inside sources suggesting on one hand, denying on another, that the president — looking at falling standing and not wanting to risk losing — may drop out of the race, and then we go on from there with what would happen if such a circumstance occurred.
Funnily enough, I see elsewhere a renewed attention to comments offered by Joseph Biden and on to elsewhere concerning what would happen should the President lose, and he does not leave office. A bit of a chestnut, some online amusement was once had regarding Bush on that score, with one strange call from a conservative or Republican site stating the online liberals should be giving Bush his due for… Leaving office.

Of course, now that it was brought up… Maybe Trump will drop out, not risking defeat. Naturally he did not four years’ back, but then… He was playing with house money back then with nothing to lose in that there free wheeling manner. Now, we got him saying to Hannity the confession that too many people hate him, so there is a Nixon floating there.

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