Woke policing the Woke Police

IMG_20200617_110646Just to be sure, this blocked off street has a bunch of people — not all too many, but very loud — chanting the desire to abolish the police, disband the ppb.  Off to the side, two hardhats (though not with hard hats on) I walk past are mocking the idea.  “Who will protect us  from these jackasses?”. (I wanted to toss in Charles Barkley’s comment — “Who are black people gonna call?  Ghostbusters?” ). Off to another side I overhear “… And if they call me racist, I will just bring out my wife and mixed race son…”

Peering on, I see some in This packing… Not wearing masks … Not flattening that curve.  Though I suppose I do not know what the immigration policies arrested to be here for flowing out and in… They gonna build a wall?

This was, apparently, part of a formation of one of them chazes, autonomous micro-states with their own canned police, before the very same cops snuffed them out.  The result is a bunch of graffiti cursing at Ted Wheeler… “Duck Ted” and “Ted is Dead”.


The cover feature for the latest edition of the alt weekly is a series of essays by selected black queers for intersectionality of “gay pride”.  An abject lesson in that proliferation of gays and queers amongst the provocateur set in “alt” or non alt right territory — having garnered a few basics of bourgeois rights to allow their lives, they state at these cultural confines and following strictly the jargon and run elsewhere.  (Perhaps recognizing the follies of chasing normatives?  Definitely would view the shift from the police enforcing society enforcement of morals in breaking up Stonewall to jumping in their parades for constituency reasons as an advance as opposed to . ..)

I guess, since this is the most number of characters I see, the current politically correct, most inclusive cluster is… Maybe…


Oddly enough, the person who drops this one out there slips, and in this same essay throws out


momentarily forgetting the whole of Is, As, 2s, and Ss. Which, following logic propagated hereabouts, is cultural erasure, an act of violence against Is, As, 2s, and Ss, and any premature death experienced by them can be placed at the feet of them (singular pronoun), who has not earned their IA2S allyship, when they need to use their LGBTQ privilege for the job of amplifying the voices of what is said by the IA2S community. (More marginalized intwrsections).

Elsewhere, someone’s five is this one:


So, while voicing opposition to corporate pinkwashing, treating everyone as a market segment, singling out Starbucks, they (plural pronoun) conspicuously leave out the Is.  What do they have against the I communitu?  Have they discovered that they but a lot of coffee at Starbucks?

Another person here rearranges the letters to … I guess prioritize themself… and we have


I suppose the logic follows in how the L and G got flipped in the first place — at least part of the reason — emphasize the more disadvantaged letter.  (Another reason appears to me that leadership flipped as AIDs blew out gay men over lesbian women, though I noticed that when I was KBOO a few times the gay man doing the pre-recorded too of the hour announcements uses the outdated ordering.  May have had to go to hr for that offense — who knows?). It is odd that this person skips the 2s As and Is, given she (correct me if you want) is the most radical seeming… At least the most narcisstic, coming across as simultaneously demanding you notice her and her specialness and objecting if you do.  (Some months ago, the Tacoma city council had a day commemorating transgender community or maybe it was transgender artists, bringing some people to speak.  A few angry people came to angrily jab at the city council meeting, their objections boiling down to a “You didn’t invite me of [ super woke trans identity me myself and i online zine], I am outraged by the cruel act of violence and invalidation and you n the cis power structure don’t get to define acceptable teansgenderism”  This person I image would be in that outraged group.)

I guess the older woman whose section sits next to hers can be forgiven, has an excuse for leaving it at LGBTQ (Not even the all encompassing protect your hide “+” ), a dismissal with “OK Boomer”.  Though it is unclear to me if it is her offense, as it comes in the introduction of the interview.  It may be the staff writer who made this faux pas

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