The new Malheur standoffs acoming …

IMG_20200614_171308 Sure. A demand from 742.  “This is not a request.”

Off to the side, someone has scrawled the “Your white silence is supporting Oppression.”

I do not know what happens when the 742 people demanding the dismantling of the police…

Do not get the request.  Because, um, duh.

Do they form a new Chaz /Chop, the… Autonomous zone out in Seattle’s Capitol Hill, bring in the armed anarchist guard to patrol the new municipal limits and … Shake down the area businesses?

(Occupy meets Malheur Standoff… When the far right and far left are crazy mirror reflections of each other…)

Right across that we had this:

IMG_20200614_171313This feels old school. No Patriot prayer or Proud Boys brohauhau. (Whether the Samoan dude — I forget his nickname, but it is the ironic “Tiny” in it) would be invited in, I don’t know.)
Elsewhere they stuck up a more interesting slogan … “Nation Yes, State No.”. Join the next Chaz, I guess. (The “class of 2020 block party” signage no longer about, which I never grasped a meaning but there was something political in it, and chaz is described in news reports as… Block party.)

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