Pile drivers

IMG_20200619_111710Keeping up with the Church of Scientology building…

Yep.  Boarded at ground floor at least.

Elsewhere, the Apple Store — and here I note when time comes to pull the things down they will be in a bit more of a pickle than the Microsoft store — having allowed massive build up of memorial and political pestering.

… And the incongruent Free Palestine slogan…

Maybe they have goodwill in the meantime, but when Apple has to dump it all… Will they be accused of racism?

IMG_20200620_130708Worth pointing out… While in the case of George Floyd or Rodney King is “don’t beat the snot out of him” … On Michael Brown or Rayshed Brooks, the question of “If you are the cop in that spot, you do what?” is not so clear. I was trying to pluck the name out… Aaron Campbell… Go back to the coverage of his death in the Willamette Week, and it will open with a sentence along the lines of “no one’s fault”, an editorial line I find difficult they would have now without seeing a pack of manure dumped in their parking lot.

The National Review had a half way sympathetic portrait of Chaz, suggesting the revolutionaries want to ease out as the city wants to commodity it all San Francisco Summer of Love.  Mother Jones valorizes it, and to be sure I would dump it in a book of interesting curiosities of political or spiritual community experiments … Though other chapters would include Malheur and Oneida… Maybe Waco…

IMG_20200620_131601Hard to tell if that one counts as commentary on current events, but it is refreshing from a batch of “pigs suck” material.

So.  Is the statue dumping mania an outgrowth of the 2004 Saddam statue toppling?  Learn the art of war from the war makers.  I do see the comment abouts… It is not the statues dropped that is the problem, but what statues will replace them.  I believe it is necessary that Washington, Jefferson, and Grant get replaced by… Washington, Jefferson, and Grant.  Grant gets a plaque with the favorable quotation from Frederick Douglas.  Jefferson’s Portland statue drop is interesting, the blk community in Portland very much emotionally tied and invested to the high school, so you can’t deny the name of who it was named after.

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