when we say… What we’re really saying…
Fraudulent cover for the terms, back track.  The other poster appears to mean that we say defund the police, we mean abolish it.  (Which is the outcome of defunding).

A little curious, “decommidify” as a cover for getting stuck with a funky term, even with radical notions, poses a problem:  I suppose the cops are supposed to be open to the highest bidder, like the guy who called them in on George Floyd apparently Somehow?  Actually, the quickest way to commodity the police is to define them, leaving the public funds to be scooped up by private funds for security and protection purposes.

Y’know, it strikes me that the President, passing on his Twitter account “one America news” suggestion that the 70 something year old protester was taking and exaggerating injuries when brought down by the Buffalo police, acting as an “Antigua provocauteur” — essentially they are accusing him of the tactics used by Andy Ngo, who parlayed a mild shuffle (and, yes, and on the antifa era for it) to spinal injury and a thrown milkshake into quick drying cement for the believing right wing audience.

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