Words cease to have any meaning

I see the professor type of some renown tweeted the provocative question… If Biden is elected, will there be a”de-fascization” program similar to those enacted for De-nazization post WW2?  I’m a world where a blm group is defacing a statue famed imperialist and antfascist Winston Churchill (also a Soviet corraborator), and more to the point terms have been thrown in off kilter cultural analysis, I picture in my head Clockwork Orange… People forced before a tv set, eyes forced wide-open as the tv shows Samantha Bee or musical selections of Kendrick Lamar, and when old episodes of Walker Texas Ranger or Kid Rock music plays, electrical shocks are sent down the spine.

(Not wholly certain how Hamilton would be handled in this exercise, considering hearing in the current woker than thou era is slam poetry a figure of enough prominence reference it to a cheering amen as the confection of upper class white gentrifiers blowing up my apartment for a New Seasons and bike lanes.  Maybe a backlash set in from when a positive reference would get an amen cheer.)

I watched a Reef student, I am sure moving across the city, plastering up a couple sheets of paper on light poles.  I look at them, past the long performative “white privilege” confessionals, and over to the other — an “anti-social resource” list.  Staring at the dozen podcasts it ticks off, I am left to ask… Does she listen to every one of these, and if so… How does she have any time left to study for her classes?  Or political activism?  The movie selection leaves me deciding… Just go watch Pam Grier movies instead.

I see that the local alt weekly had made the style guide editorial choice decision to refer to protests as an “up-rising”.  To be fair, we have passed the riots and looting phases — though we are not distant enough for downtown to get unboarded– but I slant my head wanting a precise definition.

IMG_20200611_074640_burst_01“Police are Poop”. Odd variant.

” Defund the Police” ceases to have any meaning.  On the face of it, it is a political and policy non-starter — someone of some note who tweeted the obvious “I’ll consideted, not thought through” comments only to get slammed and highlighted as if he were… Oh, that notorious super-bigot JK Rowling.

But I see a Yahoo article headlined “How defunding the police worked” in some municipality.  I click and read about… Something that is not defunding the police.  Here, we have that political on the city council praising the protests for getting done what she had spent so long banging her head for, using the phrase “defunding the police” for a few policy moves … 2 necessary and long overdue, the third I would want to know the back up here… I seem stuck in a hellscape of sorts with a slogan tossed about that has two meanings — one, I agree on but with the problem that the policy moves has no connection with the Logan’s meaning, the other the stuff of the more violent property damage which the Democratic Presidential nominee is well-advised to disavow and the Republican incumbent is well advised to run against.  The best I can say is the politician has a constituency blurring in the more extreme part of the protesters, and adapting the phraseology leads the nihilists to more productive ends.

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