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IMG_20200606_094302To be fair, I think the flurry that can be described as “rioting” has passed.  Sooner or later the boarding has to come down — it is not a site that will work for anyone — come the white flight this time concurrent with the black flight rendering the economic deprivation.  The flyer on the left is intetesting, representing what can broadly be described as a “moderate” position — “police are necessary” after all “but”.  We are someone playing a sticker over it for infowars.  Interesting — back in the day when it provided some succor for left wing nuts, they might agree with the premise, if not use the language warning of “hyper-masculinity”.  It may be that Jones always picked who gets shafted by an encroaching police state in counterwise manners.

IMG_20200607_083119 Not so accepting of the necessary evil of the police, and envisioning — trying to conjure — an uprising.  Second Amendment enthusiast, I presume.  The alt weekly had an interview with four “black leaders” — two elected officials trying to state they are getting things done, damnedit who I assume the twenty something year old revolutionary interviewed will view as careerist reformist turds, sucking up to the white mayor.

I do not have a picture — maybe I will get it, but I see two flyers throwing contradictions at me.  The “White Silence is Violence” and the “Normalize shutting the fuck up when you don’t know what you’re talking about.” I suppose the line here is to say the same words exactly as whoever it is gets to police this dialing edict.  Then a list of a bunch of books of black radical politics and a few youtube clips I guess everyone needs to read and. .. Parrot?  Yes, I have heard Malcolm X’s “bullet or ballot” speech, and I assume Angela Davis’s answer is given in her questioning “Are prisons obsolete”?  I am tempted to pull out a pen and write two other books — Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man and Tom Wolfe’s Radical Chic and Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers.

IMG_20200608_074210IMG_20200609_092252Politically things get dicy, but maybe we bump back to “ballot bullet”.  The Republican President  ran an ad in the Superbowl touting, of all things, criminal justice reform.  A bit of a crock, the minor measure is something had the Republican Congress wanted to pass when Obama was in office, Obama would have been happy to sign, but nonetheless are we in some position where — like Nixon –we will get years from now ironic quotation comments on the last liberal president, Trump.  to zoom in on that center “vote blue” — leaving aside that pretty well all major cities have Democrats as mayors right now — The Democratic candidate spent the better part of the 80s surrounding himself with police unions as often as he could and was the force that come Bill that candidate Clinton had been campaigning on in the Georgia primary alongside Zell Miller and the representative from The Dukes of Hazard with a largely black prison population in frame in the back lot of the “Confederate Rushmore”.  I see the question asked — what was the political fall-out of Bush calling in the national guard at the LA riots, and I do not know… Other than Clinton pivots for a moment on Arsenio Hall.

IMG_20200608_074031Wait.  Free Palestine?  Huh.

Grand unified theory and…

Yes, some military contractors move into police departments and aid to Israel — I have read The Nation article thing knots where they find them.


IMG_20200609_104930The city has long cleaned up the “Queer vanguard” graffiti, the “riots are my gender” the one I have posted earlier, which populated the restroom on the waterfront.  Noting political reverberations, I recall quotes from some disgruntled black neighborhood on resources going to the “pink patrol” of cops that had been set to patrol against hate crimes at gay bars and clubs.  A bit of a contradiction for any “defund the police” message.  This sticker, and that graffiti brings to mind another question I saw posed, simply listing of the who’s who of gay and sometimes flat out queer “alt right” and simply right figures.  Maybe Chuck Palahniuk had something in Redemption Day — where the US breaks into a white and black ethno-state and a gay state –where the leaders in Gaytopia rally around being the vanguard in all the great movements, referencing some conspiracy theories on Hitler and Goebbels …

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